Thursday, February 7, 2008

For lack of a better name...

So I was thinking I've posted a lot recently, but I haven't really updated about AnnaClaire... so now I'm going to.

Wow has she grown and changed over 14 months together! She is speaking full sentences now and has the sweetest voice. In fact before bedtime, Mom said, "AnnaClaire go find your Bunny." AnnaClaire responded, "I have Bunny right here, Mom!" She points everything out and never stops talking. She is quite the little chatterbox... and cutie pie! She also has quite the little manners and is always saying please and thank you!

Last night I was watching TV when she came upstairs. I wasn't watching anything interesting so I looked for something she would like and came across Curious George. She loved it. Everytime she sees the TV now, she says, "Where's George Monkey?"

Boy can this girl RUN. I sometimes worry that she's going to completely front flip and fall, she's running so fast. She giggles so hard whenever she runs. No longer is she that wobbly baby we met in December 2006!

Her hair is getting longer (and cute!)

She is so into EVERYTHING. Anything you have, she wants, too. And she knows exactly what she wants. "Noodles please, Mommy!" are something commonly asked for for lunch!

Bunny goes EVERYWHERE with us. I mean EVERYWHERE. She is so sweet with her Bunny, too. Bunny is her baby and she cares so much about her Bunny.

The potty... not so good. She refuses to go on it. If you ask her, she says, "NO POTTY! NO CHOCY KISSES!"

She loves to color, play with her kitchen and ironing board, ride her trike, go to the park, her little music clock, etc. She loves cameras and it's hard to keep mine away from her. She played with her princess camera for awhile today and "took" lots of pictures with it! She is also always wanting to play on my laptop... that's a constant battle keeping her off it.

The park is pretty much her favorite place ever. She is constantly asking to go there. She gets her wish almost every day :).

We recently got Rock Band which is so much fun. AnnaClaire loves "singing". Everytime someone is playing, she runs in and says, "Anna sing! Anna sing!" The first picture is of Will and a couple of his friends playing... and then in the very center AnnaClaire singing! I just love that picture. It cracks me up!

She is quite the little ham and has everyone wrapped around her pudgy finger. Speaking of pudgy, she is losing some of her pugdyness! Her legs are getting longer, and she is getting a little skinnier... losing her baby shape! :(. But no fear... not all of the pudge we've known her for is gone! In fact the other day Mom and I were sitting with her and she just had her diaper on and we were commenting on how much she's stretching out and losing her pudge. All of a sudden, she looks over and stops squeezing her thighs and smiling. Yes, she still has some of her pudge!

We've done lots of spring shopping and she was trying all her new clothes on for Mom and me. She would run from Mom's room to my room showing her pretty little outfits. She would even admire herself in front of Mom's full length mirror. Just wait until you see her spring collection... too cute!

She loves to read. LOVES to read. Not only being read to, but also reading to us! Yes.. she can "read". When we read to her, she will finish the sentences.. the right way! She just loves to read. She also reads to herself in her crib while Mom showers. It's so cute hearing her little voice reading to herself. Speaking of in her crib... she sings herself to sleep and it is THE CUTEST THING! Oh and also.. today at the doctor she was reading these little Babybug books with Mom and afterwards there's a page with little things to look for. She looked through and would look for the little things. On each page she would say, "not this page, not this page, not this page..." until she found it. Then she would point and say, "Found it!" Just like whenever she does something, she says, "I DID IT!"

I think I've already mentioned how cute she is when she talks on the phone... way too cute.

So yeah, there's a little AnnaClaire update for you! Below is a slideshow with some old pictures I found on Dad's camera.

By the way, I'm about to post someone pictures of AnnaClaire making her pictures... so be sure to check out the New Year post below!

Happy Year of the Rat!

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Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

That AnnaClaire is one sweetie that is for sure! I love that picture of her being the "Lead Singer" of the band! I really hope we can make a trip to NC soon and get her and maddy together. They sound a lot alike