Sunday, February 10, 2008

Poor AnnaClaire

I was amazed my sweet girl was able to stay healthy despite Will being sick last week, Dad and I this week, and 2 trips to the very crowded doctor. Well, that changed today. She woke up in hysterics last night, poor thing was burning up with a terrible fever and didn't sleep so well the rest of the night. She is miserable. She snuggled lots this morning, and her fever had gone down a little to 99.2. Mom said it was much higher last night, but she didn't take her temperature. She just said, "hurt, hurt" all morning. She got to snuggle on the rocking chair with Dad and watch Thomas the Train. She liked that. We ran to the doctor this morning (and were in and out within 30 minutes.. how nice!) They checked for flu and it was negative. She was feeling a little better after her medicine kicked in. I feel so bad. I hate to see my precious mei mei this sad and sick. She has been sooooooo sweet though. She just wants to cuddle and be held and snuggle with Bunny. Poor little thing. She has never been sick. She's had a few colds (some worse than others) and her chicken pox (which were a very minor thing and she was never really "sick" with them.) So this is a new thing for her. She's been very good about taking her medicine and actually likes taking it and asks for it! I'm really sad that we won't be able to go to the CNY thing we were going to go to this afternoon. She had a bad cold last CNY, so we didn't really celebrate, either. Sigh. Next year for sure!

No pictures of our sick princess, but enjoy this one from China. I was looking at our pictures from China yesterday and I forget how little she was... and cute.


Brittany said...

Poor Little girl
I hope she gets better
I hate to be sick,but i can't imagine being that young nad that sick.
My best wishes

Elena said...

I know how that feels. Emma was sick on Monday with the same thing. She feels better now but she gave it to the rest of us. I have a fever of 101 right now. I also have a sore throat and cold symptoms. Poor Anna Claire! Keep her on childrens motrin and see how she does. This bug lasts a week.
Elena Manubens

Lexie said...

Ohhh poor baby!! I hate seeing little ones sick! I will be praying that she gets well SOON!
Any word on being LID? I was praying that with all of the referrals that were coming in to our agency that they would send along word about y'all being LID.
Still praying!