Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Christmas Show

AnnaClaire is our little performer. We have known it since the day we met her, so the fact that she asked for a microphone for Christmas came as no surprise.
And she LOVES her microphone. She and Grace prepared a show for us after dinner and called us all down to watch it.
Grace would introduce and then AnnaClaire would go sing. It was precious. And the bowing and waving? All her.
Here's a video of her singing Frosty. It's not great quality because I took it on my phone from the video camera, but still cute :)
Then Kate got in on the action and did some dancing for us. She got lots of dance stuff for Christmas, including her beloved tap shoes which she wore all night long! :)
It was quite the show, as you can see!
Gracie was a little shy at first, but she had fun singing her ABCs for everyone! Their little show was a hit in our house on Christmas night as the snowflakes fell (and that post is coming...)

And here's another picture from Christmas! Our annual birthday celebration for Jesus!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A very merry Christmas


Our Christmas eve/day has been so much fun! We've all enjoyed having everyone home for Christmas! :) Dad and Grandma brought the kiddos downtown yesterday (I was at work, once again!) and we went to Church and came home to potato soup in bread bowls. After Christmas cookies for desert, we all got to open one present (new pajamas) and the little kids watched a movie and put cookies and milk out for Santa. The rest of us watched Christmas with the Kra*nks, a funny tradition of ours. We had lots of laughs :)

This morning, Christmas started a little after 8 with our annual Christmas picture on the stairs. We all went through stockings first and all had some good stuff in them! Gracie's big "santa gift" was roller blades, AC's was a pink microphone, Kate's was a Tiana costume, and Charlie's was this remote control dump truck (it's in the last picture with Gracie) For the next while, we alternated opening presents. Everyone ended up with some great stuff! AC is especially excited because she received the real bow and arrow she asked for! She also got a little popgun and cowgirl outfit that she has been really excited about! Kate got a bunch of ballet and princess stuff that she, of course, ADORES. It was so fun to watch Charlie and Grace take all of the Christmas festivities in. Gracie got into it really fast and was so excited about everything she opened and would run and bring it up to her room right away. Charlie's remote control truck was a huge hit and he spent most of the morning playing with it, but whenever it was his turn to open, he would excitedly say "Char-ee turn!" There was nothing like seeing these 2, at ages 11 and 4, taking in all of the aspects of Christmas for the first time.

We were all excited to give Grandma a phone FINALLY! Dad called her as she opened it so the whole box was ringing, and we've spent some time teaching her how to use her new sr. citizen phone :)

Mom made cinnamon eggnog french toast that was the perfect Christmas brunch! AND they are calling for snow later, which would just top off the whole day!!!!!!

So it's been fun, and we still have a lot of fun to happen! Mom is cooking downstairs and we'll have a little birthday celebration for Jesus later today! Because in the midst of all of the lights, decorations, and gifts, the real reason for it all is, of course, HIM.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas festivities

We are all so excited for Christmas! Will is home, Grandma is here, and we are enjoying everything about this season!
Mom and Dad took the kids to the Billy Grah*am Library the other night (I had to work... 39 hours this week...)
They had a blast on the carriage ride, drinking hot cocoa, and seeing the live nativity! 
 They also made gingerbread men with Mom the other day! They did SUCH a good job!
 AnnaClaire and Gracie made some decor for our Christmas tree...
 Paper chains!
We've played lots of Christmas carols on the piano and everyone loves singing along to the Christmas tunes
 Gracie and Mom welcomed Emily home from China last week!
We are all so excited to have Emily home and can't wait for many play dates to come :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa and Earrings!

 After my exam yesterday, Mom and I took the littles to the mall to go see Santa!
 This was the first year that we got a picture of Miss Kate with Santa, as she has been terrified of him before.
 This time, she was too excited to even tell him what she wanted. She just smiled in his lap and kept looking at him. So sweet :)
 Charlie, being the sweet brother he is, told Santa that Kate wants a princess (costume). As for himself, he told Santa that he wants a car.
 Gracie was excited to see Santa, too, and told him that she wants a snoopy clock! (Anyone know where to find one?)
 Miss Annaboo was probably the most excited of all for her visit with Santa Claus.
 I love this one of her and Santa... sassy?!
 She wanted her presents to be a secret, so she whispered her wants into his ear. She later told us that a microphone and bow and arrow is what's at the top of her list :)
 Then it was off to Clai*re's, as Gracie has been asking if she can get her ears pierced! Considering we never would've imagined our not-so-girly-girl asking such a request just a few months ago, Mom happily obliged.
 She picked little blue flower earrings and smiled the whole way through getting them done. It put me to a bit of embarrassment, considering when I got my ears pierced, I had to be brought to the bathroom because I felt so sick.
 Afterward and still a big smile!
A little closer where you can kinda see her new bling... love them!