Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grandma and the girls

While Mom and Dad were off with Charlie, Grandma came in and watched all of the girls! They loved every moment of having Grandma here and absolutely wore her out! They adore her... thank you Grandma for coming!

Charlie continues to do well. Our routine is becoming a bit more normal, so that is good. There are times when he is in obvious pain, but his pain medicine turns that around quickly. He is doing really well with it all. Considering he's a 5 year old boy confined to a wheelchair, he is AMAZING. 

The rest of us are hanging in there, too! We've had beautiful weather lately, so the spring clothes are out and we've been spending lots of time outside! LOVE IT!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

home sweet home

Charlie (and Mom and Dad) finally came home yesterday afternoon! We were all so excited to see our little man, and he was so excited to see everyone and show off all of the toys that Shriners spoiled him with :) He was in much better spirits than the other days, but obviously in a lot of pain. He ate and slept his best last night (all through the night) which was definitely good, as that was the first time he's really eaten and gotten actual sleep since his surgery. It's going to be a long 6 weeks, so please continue to keep our little man in your prayers. He'll go back to Green*ville in 6 weeks and have his casts changed and we are praying that he will be able to have below the knee casts at that point.

Dad said the hardest part of all of this has been the fact that he went through it all before... by himself. :( I can't even begin to imagine.

He's still his sweet little self and for that we are thankful. He really is amazing and SUCH a little trooper!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

still hanging in there!

Today has been a little bit more rough, but Charlie is still doing okay. He got very little sleep last night and they removed his epidural today, so he has been in a lot more pain. He did cheer up a little when Dad let him play on his laptop! We are all ready to see Mom, Dad, and our little guy tomorrow! Thank you for the continued prayers!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

surgery update

The surgery is finished and Charlie is doing great! Everything went well this morning and his feet are all lined up! He was a little quiet and groggy after surgery but is feeling better now. I just talked to him and he told me "Sissy, my feet not hurt at all!" He sounded perky, full of toys, and Dad described him as a little prince with a constant smile and all the nurses are coming in because he's the "talk of the floor." He is pretty cute... :) They will be home on Saturday! :) THANK YOU FOR THE PRAYERS! They are so appreciated! Can't wait to see our little guy RUNNING! Just a few months of recovery and he will be!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

our little dude

Please pray for our little man when you think about it! Mom and Dad left this morning with him to head to Green*ville and tomorrow he will have his club foot surgery. His surgery is at 6 AM and it will take about 1-2 hours per foot once he is in surgery. Your prayers mean so much to us so thank you in advance! I'll be sure to update as I hear more from Mom and Dad!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Birthday sweet Kate!

Happy birthday to my precious princess, Kate! I love you with all of my heart and am so blessed to be your big sister. I hope your 4th birthday was just as special as you are!

 The birthday started a day early when Kate got to spend the entire afternoon with Sissy! We had lunch, went to this Disney store (where Kate picked out a Cinderella doll and a princess nightgown!), and had ice cream! We had so much fun together!
 While we were gone, Mom was hard at work baking Kate's dream cake... She outdid herself :)
 After Church, it was off to Chuck*ee Chee*se (Kate's pick!)
 We enjoyed pizza...
 and rides...
 and more rides!
 Grace was a huge fan of Chuck*ee Chee*se!! I'm sure she'll be asking to go there for her birthday...
 Kate's favorite is the horse ride. She gets so into it and it is precious!
 Kate loves Chuckee, too. :)
 It was the perfect way to spend her 4th birthday!
 Here we all are in front. They all had so much fun. As for me, I'm not a huge fan!
 After naps, Kate declared that it was present time!
 She had quite a few to open and was so excited about each one!
 Her Ariel wedding doll was a hit! Mia and Emily gave it to her and Kate was in amazement that Ariel had a wedding dress!
 Here she is in her new sleeping beauty dress! This child absolutely adores costumes. She has one on whenever we are home. She was so excited to add to her collection!
 Did I mention that she is SUCH a little princess?
 She slowly opened each gift and just took them all in... she is the most appreciative little thing ever!
 Grandma gave her the Ivy doll (who Kate named Mei Ling!) and Kate is so excited to have a doll just like Lucy's!
 Here she is with her cake! Truly fit for a princess...
 She just smiled and smiled at her cake. When she asked for a barbie cake, I don't think she was expecting this :)
Make a wish, precious girl!