Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

SO much has been happening this past month.  Since Thanksgiving we've celebrated Grace's 13th birthday and celebrated a 50th birthday! We've celebrated AC's 6th gotcha anniversary and a son's 25th birthday. We've driven on a 3200 mile road trip, which included a stop in TX to see Will graduate from Baylor, celebrated our 28th anniversary, and of course we've celebrated the birth of our Savior along with all the extra activities that are a part of the season.   And right after the new year, we'll celebrate Charlie's 7th birthday and the marriage of a nephew in Virginia, where 3 of our children will be in the wedding party.   Phew.  It's been a busy, busy time, but a really good one with lots of time spent with our older children. 
I'm not sure if I'll go back through all the photos we've taken and post any of them~ that task seems most daunting.  But I did want to drop in to say, hi and post a picture of our 5 youngest treasures taken on Christmas Eve.
I hope your Christmas was Christ-centered and BLESSED!