Sunday, April 17, 2011

Senior Prom

I had my senior prom on Friday night :) Here's some pics... mainly for my grandmas, but I figured you'd all like to see them, too. It was SUCH a fun night and so bittersweet to leave prom, knowing it was the last time anything like that would ever happen. The next big event to look forward to is graduation, and I'm not sure I'm so ready for that. It was such a fun day getting ready with friends (although a little stressful because we were pushed for time!) My date and my best friend's date came and picked us up and we did corsages and all that fun stuff and then headed to the jewelry store we work at because they all wanted to see us. Then it was off to another friend's house for group pictures, which was such a good time. We took so many pictures, there was good food, and it was just fun seeing and talking to everyone. From pictures, we drove in my date's mom's minivan with all of my close friends and we had such a good time. My school always does dinner at prom and then the juniors, who always put the prom on for seniors, do presentations. They made a hilarious video where they interviewed seniors who were acting like people who are famous. Then a couple of them did this song where they changed the lyrics and put senior's names in and things they will be remembered for, and then it got pretty sad as the lyrics changed to how soon we are graduating. After that, we had so much fun just dancing and spending time together. It was definitely a memorable night and I'm so sad it's already over. But anyway, here's a ton of pictures. It was hard for me to choose so I'm putting a ton up. Enjoy :)

Friday, April 1, 2011


Yesterday was my 18th birthday and it was SUCH a good day! Just thought I'd share some pictures from my last birthday at HOME!!! (and since I never really post about what's going on with me on here!) As excited as I am for college, that realization does make me pretty sad. The fam and my friends made my 18th a very special one though! :) Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes on Face*book and the emails. They meant a ton!

Here are my friend Sadie and I at breakfast in the morning! Her family is basically my second family and her mom makes us breakfast every morning before school. We always have such good breakfasts and so much fun. Yesterday's menu was chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries!
Everyone at my school is paired with a buddy in lower school and yesterday was their fun run! We got to get out of classes and cheer for them and it was tons of fun. Here are some of my friends and our cute little T-k buddies!

There's nothing like having classes shortened so that we can go in the gym, listen to music, and cheer for the little kids! :)
My friend Blair made me a cake and it was delicious. Decorated in Au*burn colors of course :)

Mom and the kiddos brought me lunch and balloons and then we started our cat dissecting lab in anatomy.. definitely a part of my birthday I could've done without :)
I picked a new sushi/burger restaurant for dinner and it was DELICIOUS! Here are the girls and I at dinner with my birthday present and cards!
The little kiddos and I... I'm going to miss them SO much next year!
Dad and I!
There was cake, of course, made and decorated by Mom and the kids with heart sprinkles "so I'd feel loved." This is my favorite cake EVER and it was especially good last night after going three weeks with no sweets!

So it was a very good birthday :) It feels good to be an ADULT!