Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I was out of school about 2 weeks before my graduation, and my summer started early with a trip to the beach with all of my girl friends. We came home on Thursday and then we celebrated my high school graduation on Friday and it was wonderful! Both aunts and uncles and both of my grandmas came in for the occasion and we've had a great weekend with them all! It was definitely a bittersweet night for me, as I am very excited to be done, but sad to leave the school I've been blessed to go to for the past 4 years and the amazing friends I've made there! I still can't believe how fast these years went. It feels like just yesterday I was walking into high school for the first time. Now I'm done. I am so excited for the next chapter of my life at Au*burn though!!!! I leave the first week of August! Just wanted to share some pictures from my graduation night, so enjoy! The few at the end are the next day :) Decked out in Au*burn stuff, of course! :) 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Thirty One Event

This July, I will be going on a missions trip to Costa Rica with a team from my high school. I am so excited for this opportunity to serve in Costa Rica and cannot wait to be over there!! To make this trip possible, I have been working to raise support. One way that I have been supported is through being able to host a Thirty-One online party on Wednesday. Just thought this would be a perfect place to tell you about it and hope that you guys can find some things to shop for on Wednesday!! Here's the letter with all you need to know~

Dear Friends and Family, you have been invited to my Thirty-One Online Fashion Party and Mission Trip Fundraiser.

For one night only, Thirty-One Gifts is holding an ONLINE Fashion Party and you're invited! From the comfort of your home, log on to www.mythirtyone.com/jeanetter from 6 - 10 pm on Wednesday 5/18 to watch an exclusive video showcasing some of our favorite products, collections and special offers! Then place your order under Emily's Mission Trip Fundraiser and 100% of the commission from your purchase will go to help Emily minister to the people of Costa Rica in July! Please be sure to have all orders placed by 10 pm.
All orders will be shipped to Emily or you can choose to have your gifts shipped directly to you. Enjoy the show! (please note..."The Event" link below will not be activated until Wed. 5/18 @ 6:00. Until then, visit www.mythirtyone.com/jeanetter to browse the online catalog and start making your wish list!)

View the show here: The Event
Shop here: The Store

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day...

...to the best mom in the world. and all of you other mothers out there.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Break!

So I know I uploaded a RIDICULOUS number of pictures, but considering how awful I've been with pictures, this will make up for it :)

The week before Easter, we headed down to Pan*ama City for spring break. On the way, we stopped at Aub*urn, because Mom hadn't seen it yet and I was dying for her to see my future home! :) Anyway, we had SO much fun!! Will met us there for his Easter break and we had the best time. We used Dad's Mar*iott points and stayed at a beautiful resort and had so much fun on the beach, pontoon boat, and even jet skiing one of the days! (just Dad, Will, Grace, and I.) On Saturday, while we were jet skiing, Mom took the little ones on an Easter egg hunt the hotel did and they got to see the bunny! That was good since we had totally forgotten Easter baskets and everything... This was the first beach trip for both Grace and Charlie and they loved it. There is just nothing like a beach trip and we can all agree on that! Dad and I took Grace to play putt putt one of the nights and she was the only one of us to make a hole in 1! It was so fun. So our Easter and spring break were WONDERFUL. The water there was beautiful, clear, and the perfect temperature. Grace and AnnaClaire were body surfing all in the ocean and loved it! They are quite the little fish! We were so glad Will joined as, too, as we hadn't seen him since Christmas! We are all excited because he's coming home for 3 weeks before heading back to TX for his internship.

I'd have to say the best part was jet skiing! We went through the ocean and at one point were surrounded by 20ish dolphins. It was AMAZING. They were swimming all around us and it was so beautiful. There's nothing like watching little ones on the beach either :) We had such a fun and relaxing time and it was so good to be on vacation and spend some time as a family! (Although we missed Drew a lot!)

Hope you're all doing well! I have two more weeks of school, but no more full weeks since I have 3 AP exams. It's all starting to hit me that I'm graduating THIS MONTH and I am not sure how I feel about that... it's definitely a bittersweet time!!