Saturday, March 19, 2011

still hanging in there!

Today has been a little bit more rough, but Charlie is still doing okay. He got very little sleep last night and they removed his epidural today, so he has been in a lot more pain. He did cheer up a little when Dad let him play on his laptop! We are all ready to see Mom, Dad, and our little guy tomorrow! Thank you for the continued prayers!


Janet and Kevin said...

Continuing to pray for your sweet little brother. Surgery is so painful, especially for little ones. Hope they get to come home soon.

janet and gang

Anonymous said...

I can see that he is in pain. Praying that they get him on a maintenance does of pain killer and get his pain under control. It is so hard to see your child in pain. Hang in their Charlie!

Nicole said...

Praying still!!!

lomelindi said...

You can tell by his picture that it is a struggle to smile. Poor little guy. Having had my son endure major surgery, it is so hard to see them in pain, bit so worth it when problems are fixed!! Charlie is in my prayers. Kathy (Keri Martin's sister)

Our Journey to Rachel said...

What a cute little guy he is and every picture he is just smiling. He knows that his family loves him so much. I will be sure to keep him in my prayers for a fast recovery!

Sherry Crist

Kristi said...

Oh, poor little guy! There's not much worse than a child in pain when you can't do anything about it.