Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My sweet boy

Seriously. Charlie is just too sweet.

He picks up AC and Kate's dolls and just loves on them.

It melts my heart. Because I know that he must've learned that from somewhere.

Oh how loved this little boy was.

In fact, good friends of ours just visited Chongqing and the first thing they asked was, "Have you seen Zhou Da Shan? How is he?"

But with a smile like that, what's not to love??

He really does have such a good personality. And we are all in love.

He just got a new truck.

For no reason other than that he saw it, gasped "OHHH," patted himself, pointed to the truck, and said, "I want that!"

Daddy was happy to spoil him... especially since this was a very boyish toy, and he has been very uninterested in anything boyish...

But he loves his truck. Has played with it nonstop, actually!

And his expressions and sound effects are the sweetest.

Just like his hugs and kisses.

What a blessing this little man is.

And have I mentioned how fun little BOYS are???

He is doing VERY well! He fits in so perfectly with our family... and it honestly feels like we've had him a lot longer than a month and a half!

His English is really coming along! He understands so much, mimics a lot, has said a couple of sentences, sings the entire prayer before we eat...

He had his orthopedic appt. yesterday and it went well. He was a VERY good boy the whole time! Poor thing has a long road ahead of him :( starting with casts in about a month.

Whatever it takes.

All I know is that we are so blessed with this sweet boy. I am so thankful God showed HIM to us last summer.


Dana said...

Awww, I could seriously eat him up. So glad the appt went well. Love the picture with the truck.

Amy Murphy said...

Good luck w/ the casting. It can be hard at times, but definitely worth it and so much better than surgery. It will be good when you're all done. Keep us updated as to how long he has them/ how often they get changed/ etc.

Jean said...

He is adorable!! What a sweet little guy! A truck is exactly what he needed!!

Anonymous said...

I suspect that there were mostly girl toys at the orphanage since there are more girls than boys there so that is probably what he played with there. Praying for the castings and the road ahead.

Catherine said...

What a beautiful tribute to your baby brother! He sure is a special little boy with an amazing big sister!

So sweet! Will be praying for his upcoming treatments. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful Gracie with her new glasses and knowing how much better she can see.

Debbie Sauer said...

He is precious and I am so glad that he has you to love and care for him. Blessings.

Janet and Kevin said...

Charlie is adorable! We know about how fun little boys are too! They are so precious, aren't they??

janet and gang