Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Auburn and Welcome Home!

This weekend, Dad, Grace, AnnaClaire, my friend and I went up to visit Au*burn. Dad and the girls came on the tour and had lunch with us and then they headed back to Aunt L's house for the weekend!
My friend and I stayed with a really good friend of mine and we had a great weekend! (And for those of you wondering, I LOVED Au*burn and have actually already applied there!)
It was complete with being at the Au*burn vs. Sou*th Caro*lina game, which was awesome!
After we got home on Sunday, I joined Mom to go welcome some friends home from China!
It was so good to get to welcome this sweet family home with their PRECIOUS son!
It was an extra special moment because I had been praying for their little guy, Ty, for over a year as he waited on an waiting child list. It's such a blessing to KNOW the family that brought this sweet guy who had such a part of my heart home!
Isn't he PRECIOUS!?!?!?!?!
He was enthralled with his signs... and his sisters :)
There's just nothing like the miracle of adoption! Welcome home sweet Ty!


Jean said...

Wonderful pics!! So how did you like the school?? Where are you thinking of going?

We have really missed your posts!!

Would Mom ever consider posting on this blog! BTW I am planning to e-mail Mom!

Love the pics of the family coming home!

Thanks for the update!!

Julie said...

sounds like it was a great weekend!