Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!









Yesterday was Dad's birthday! He had to work in the morning and Mom and Dad had a wedding to go to last night, so we celebrated today! We all had fun celebrating with pumpkin cheesecake and Dad's new jacket :)

Happy birthday Dad!

(Oh, and make sure to keep scrolling because I've posted a TON of pictures this weekend!)


Ellie said...

Happy birthday to your dad! Does his new jacket mean you'll be going to Auburn next fall?!? If so, congrats! I haven't even applied anywhere yet - I'm so jealous that you've already been accepted places :)

Julie said...

love ALL the new pictures! is the birthday hat that your dad is wearing the same one that AC wore on her birthday?
happy birthday to your dad!

Ellen said...

I hope your Dad had a wonderful birthday....I do LOVE his new jacket....WAARRRRRR EAGLE !!!
All of the pictures are precious !

Wolfes Home said...

Fun to catch up on all the pictures of your family.

Wife of the Pres. said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad!

So did I miss a post? Is Auburn where you will be going to college? Your Dad is a Texas fan right? Or Baylor? But he is wearing Auburn?

OK, all I know is Auburn is not that far from here and your parents/siblings might need a stopping spot along the way sometime? Y'all know how to find us!

Thanks for all the photos. I am SO BEHIND it is impossible to catch up I think! Hugs to your family! L