Monday, December 6, 2010

More pictures from Thanksgiving break

Dinner and card night with Kathryn and Will!
Raking leaves...
Gracie loved jumping in the piles!
I'm sure you can imagine that AnnaClaire did, too!
The kids were all smiles
as they helped rake the leaves
and jumped in the piles
and threw them in the air!
Even Dad got in on the action,
which caused for even more laughs!
Everyone was so excited to have Will home! He was feeling the love :)
Grandma and Dad took the kiddos
on the train
and they spent the afternoon downtown!
They had a blast on the ride up
and loved seeing all the sights of Christmas!
It really is the most
wonderful time of the year!
And here's one more of Charlie, who had another visit at Shriners today! We should have a surgery date in about a month!


Tricia Thompson said...

Love love love the Auburn shirts! I went to Auburn way back in the day and love that you are going. You will really love it there. I live in Birmingham now and have adopted a little girl, Maggie, from China one year ago. Maggie and I go to Auburn a lot as we have a condo there. I was a Chi-O at Auburn and would love to write you a rec if you are going out for rush. Please let me know. Have a great Christmas with your family and War Eagle!!!! God Bless,
Tricia Thompson

Janet and Kevin said...

Oh how fun leaves are to jump in! Loved the picture of Will being awakened by his little sisters and brother. Ted is awakened much the same around here. Philip and Elijah love to jump on him when he is sound asleep. They are better than an alarm clock!

janet and gang

Lindy said...

Look at all the beautiful smiles on those faces. I'm so glad to hear that Charlie's surgery is in the works.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Emily.

Jean said...

Looks like everyone is loving the leaves!!

Our big kids get lots of love too when they come home!!

Love your pics, love your family!!