Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa and Earrings!

 After my exam yesterday, Mom and I took the littles to the mall to go see Santa!
 This was the first year that we got a picture of Miss Kate with Santa, as she has been terrified of him before.
 This time, she was too excited to even tell him what she wanted. She just smiled in his lap and kept looking at him. So sweet :)
 Charlie, being the sweet brother he is, told Santa that Kate wants a princess (costume). As for himself, he told Santa that he wants a car.
 Gracie was excited to see Santa, too, and told him that she wants a snoopy clock! (Anyone know where to find one?)
 Miss Annaboo was probably the most excited of all for her visit with Santa Claus.
 I love this one of her and Santa... sassy?!
 She wanted her presents to be a secret, so she whispered her wants into his ear. She later told us that a microphone and bow and arrow is what's at the top of her list :)
 Then it was off to Clai*re's, as Gracie has been asking if she can get her ears pierced! Considering we never would've imagined our not-so-girly-girl asking such a request just a few months ago, Mom happily obliged.
 She picked little blue flower earrings and smiled the whole way through getting them done. It put me to a bit of embarrassment, considering when I got my ears pierced, I had to be brought to the bathroom because I felt so sick.
 Afterward and still a big smile!
A little closer where you can kinda see her new bling... love them!


Amy said...

AHHHH, so adorable... you got some great photos too! Love the Sassy one of AC.. a Christmas classic for sure.
Grace is so sweet, love that girl.

Stephanie in NC said...

Cracker Barrel has Peanut clocks. They may be Christmas Clocks, but I do think Snoopy is on it. They may have watches too. Good Luck!

Nicole said...

You should check "Hallmark" for anything snoopy, ours has a ton of snoopy stuff, if I couldn't find one, I'd probably be creative and get a stuffed snoopy and put a watch on him :) Maybe a snoopy watch??

Love the pics of the kids with santa, so cute.

Gracie looks great with those new sparkly ears too :)

Kristi said...

Grace's earrings are so cute! I'll keep my eyes peeled for a snoopy watch.
And someday I hope to get a picture of my kiddos with Santa. But we're still in the terrified department...

Lindy said...

I love how happy Gracie looks with her new pierced ears. It's nice that she had a special treat separate from the little kids since she is so much older. has MANY Snoopy clocks and watches, although some can't be shipped by Christmas. I hope you can find something for your sweet sister!

Anonymous said... has a nice, large selection of Snoopy clocks.

(I placed an order on Tuesday afternoon and received it today!)

Jennifer said...

Here is a website that might help you with finding the clock.

Faye said...

How about this one from "Big & Little"?
Really cute!

Anonymous said...

You look wonderful, Gracie!

Julie said...

your pictures are great!