Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th of july weekend

On Saturday, the the day was spent back at the mountains! The mountains are always a hit with our crew and thankfully, they are not too far away! When they were leaving, they saw a flier for fireworks so stopped by and had a nice firework show before coming home! Good thing, because we had a huge storm on the 4th (power went out and everything...) so there were no fireworks until late! On the 4th, the whole afternoon was spent at the pool. Charlie is becoming quite the swimmer, which exciting! He used to be incredibly fearful of the water and would just latch himself on to people in it, but not he is putting his face under and swimming for rings! I'm so proud of my boy! Gracie has been in swim lessons the past 2 weeks and is really getting her strokes down! A ton of time is spent at the pool, so it's good that they are starting to swim so much! They really are quite the fish and all 4 absolutely love going to the pool! The kids and Dad worked on making ice cream (that ended up more like milkshakes!) and after dinner, we all had that. It was delicious! So the 4th was a very fun day for all :)

Just posted a bunch of pics below, too, so make sure to scroll :)


Joy Graham said...

Great pics! I am afraid of heights!!! Looks like y'all had a happy 4th of July. Have a happy day!-Joy

Anonymous said...

How are you, Emily?
How is school. I think of you every now and then and when I do I pray for you.
I hope you are adjusting and I'm sure your family misses you.
Know that I'm praying for you even tonight!
Missing your updates.