Thursday, January 19, 2012

February 6!

That's the day. Officially! Mom and Dad are leaving the 3rd with a CA on the 13th. And most importantly, they will be holding Ellie on FEBRUARY 6th!!!!! That's less than three weeks away!!!!!!!

The flights are booked, the suitcases will eventually be packed, the aunts and Grandma will be there to take care of Grace, AC, Charlie, and Kate. And Mom and Dad will be off to China one more time. They even have Amy as their guide again! Amy was our first guide back in 2006 when we were in Hunan adopting AnnaClaire. The Lord has literally brought us full circle... back to Chenzhou, back with Amy.

I'll be following along with the rest of you. :( I wish getting out of college classes for two weeks was possible. But I can probably manage two days, so this girl will be going home to welcome my adorable baby sister HOME on February 15!

You can follow along here:! Dad has promised to take pictures for me. And Mom will take over the rest.

Prayers are so appreciated as Miss Ellie leaves all she has ever known, and as our family grows once more. IN 18 DAYS!

Praising Jesus tonight for his faithfulness always. And for his perfect timing. He is so very good.


Jodee said...

Whooo hooo! That is soo exciting! She is absolutely adorable!

Catherine said...

Praise the Lord!!! What a precious gift sweet Ellie will be for your mom's birthday!!

So excited for all of you that your baby sister will be home SOON!!!

Continuing to pray for sweet Ellie as she joins your family forever & yet at the same time makes the huge adjustment of leaving behind her nannies and China. Asking God to comfort your precious little sister and even now begin to prepare her tender heart.

So happy you'll be able to go home & be together to welcome Ellie home! I've been reading your blog since shortly after Anna Claire came home and what a blessing you've been Emily! Praying for you at school also.

Blessings, Catherine

Pam said...

I am SO sad that you won't be going with us, Em. It's just NOT going to be the same without Sissy along. Sigh... Am wondering how those suitcases are going to get packed without you! Am wondering how we'll ever get the photos that you've always gotten for us. Am wondering how I'll do with the travel website. Feeling really, really excited, but a little bit sad, too, as we're planning all this without you this time.

Love you, honey! You are the BEST daughter I could ever ask for. So glad the little ones have YOU to look up to!


Staci said...

Ahh! SOOOO happy for you all!! Can't wait to follow along! What an amazing journey :)

Melanie said...

So happy for you and your family =) Congrats!

Caroline said...

We're so excited for you! She is lovely:)What an amazing family you are!

Heather said...

Ellie is just too cute!!! So happy to follow your journey AGAIN! We are just LID 01/13/12 for Jack and hope to travel late May/early June! Jack is in the same orphanage that Lily is from in Jilin Province.

Leslie said...

Coming over to officially congratulate big sister on her blog! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOUR MOMMY and BABY SISTER at the China Hotel.

Only thing is we'll miss you being there Emily. :(((

OK, just scrolled down to see Pam's note ... where is the box of kleenex?!

Anonymous said...

Praying for Godspeed in all of the preparation and travel in the days to come for Mama and Daddy! So excited to share this last trip with you all online!

Janet and Kevin said...

So, so, so excited for you all! Praying here in Indiana.

janet and gang