Tuesday, February 26, 2013



And isn't she just about the cutest little puddle jumper you've ever seen????
So have you all had a lot of rain where you are?  Or perhaps snow????
We've been downright wet and soggy around here lately, and sweet Ellie has had ample opportunity to practice her new word "puddle."  Goodness knows she's heard it enough, as in, "Ellie, watch the puddles.  Ellie, stay out of the puddles. Ellie, let's keep our feet dry."
So, as we were driving in the car today, after having been out of the car and navigating a very "puddley" parking lot (without those cute boots) Ellie was practicing her new word, and I said to her, "Ellie, we've got a story book about puddles at home.  Remind me to get it out and read it when we get back." 
To which Charlie replied, "Mommy, we have books about EVERYTHING at our house!"  And my boy was exactly right.  You see, he's got a mama who LOVES books.  Most especially children's books.  It could just be an obsession of mine.  I mean, as we turned over the calendar to 2013, my dear husband  began talking about how we could "cut back" this year (gotta love having a banker for a husband) and what did he mention as the place I could cut back?  Amazon.  Yep, he asked me if I thought it might be possible to cut back on my book purchases because they had become a line item in the budget.  And THAT, my friends, is a really tough thing for this mama. 
Ooooh, that "buy now with 1*click" button.   That is my downfall. I can see a book recommendation on a blog, clink the link which takes me to Amazon, click that little "buy now with 1*click" button, and then that book will be at my doorstep in just 2 short days.  And what's not to love about that???? 
Are any of you with me on this????  



jan said...

ummmm.... guilty as charged!!!!!

xoxo, jan (abigail's mom)

new blog, new child :)

likeschocolate said...

Books are a hard one for me too! Your daughter is darling!



Wolfes Home said...

I hear ya! I love having books about EVERYTHING in our house. It's so much handier than running to the library, although we do run there quite often, too. I'm sure you've told your banker that they are an investment. Those books may very well be helping your children become eligible for educational scholarships. :)

Catherine said...

I lurve books but tend to check our local library first. When books are recommended on blogs that's my first option and about 75% of the time they have it! It's not the same as owning it but it's a good 2nd choice both for financial and storage reasons.

Right now we're entering the world of Early Readers. What are your recommendations my book loving friend?

Oh yah (shhh...don't tell hubs!) is that when I want to purchase a book I now use bookdepository.com as they have free shipping. A rarity to us Canadians!

I need to organize our books again and your post is getting me in the mood. Now...to make the time. Oy!

Kristi said...

Totally with you on the love of books, but I've had to readjust our budget...
These days it isn't uncommon for us to check 50+ books out at a time from the library. And our favorite librarian even encourages it. :)

StarfishMom said...

Really enjoy your blog!! I've been following since AC came home while Emily was blogging :)