Saturday, March 9, 2013

6 on the 6th!

  Happy Birthday, Kate!

Daddy flew in on the red eye from CO to be home for Princess Kate's birthday and stopped to pick up donuts on the way in.  A sweet start to her day. It was a day full of phone calls from older siblings and grandmas, and hugs and homemade cards from the younger siblings!  A day to be celebrated for the treasure she is! 
As is our family tradition, the birthday child picks the dinner meal out, and this year Kate picked "Cowfish" a burger and sushi bar!  Sort of a surprising pick for our little 6 year old princess, but that's what happens when you have older siblings and are used to eating out with them!

Kate with her b-day dessert~ shared with her 4 siblings
Then it was home to open presents....all perfectly girly~ which is just what our princess loves. 


And then it was time for some cake!
Not surprisingly, Kate was "full" from her dessert at Cowfish, so she didn't want to eat her banana birthday cake, made from her Kit (American Girl Doll) cookbook, but we were at least able to get her to blow out her candles while we sang.

Happy Birthday to our tiny treasure! You are a blessing to our family and so dearly loved! 
And yes, the crown stayed on ALL day!


Rita and John said...

She's getting so big! Looks like the happiest birthday ever--what a magical age--and full of such fun with family. Love reading your posts, though I don't comment often.

likeschocolate said...

Happy Bithday to your sweet girl! Wishing her an amazing year!

Liesl said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Kate!

Wolfes Home said...

Happy birthday, Kate! Oh my, she and Ami would get along so well....donuts, princesses, hello kitty, same pink Legos, American girl, Barbie... And that restaurant sounds like a perfect fit for Chris and me (burgers and sushi!). What a special day.

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Kate!!! What a sweet little girl you are and you received such fun presents! Glad to hear your day was extra special just like you!!

Kristi said...

Love the detail of the crown! And her restaurant pick is awesome.
My birthday girls picked the local Chinese Buffet and Greek Fiesta.
Happy birthday Kate!

jeanette said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet princess!

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday a few days late! She looks so grown-up all of a sudden. Love all the girliness!