Sunday, March 17, 2013

Firehouse Fieldtrip~

  We've not done as many field trips in our homeschool as I would have hoped.  It seems difficult to fit them in with 4 of the children participating in a swim program 2x a week, right after lunch. 2 are in choir, which meets in the afternoon and one has dance, also meeting in the afternoon. And then we've got Charlie's speech schedule to work around and then of course, there's the schooling, and nap time, and medical appointments, and schooling, and, and, and....

I'm really not one to overstress about book work, BUT I just feel like we've got SO much catching up to do with Grace.  And Charlie.  I fully believe that an education involves MUCH, MUCH more than book work, BUT these children do need to learn the 3 R's! 

A friend from swimming mentioned earlier in the week that she had planned a trip to the fire station for her homeschool group, but not many had signed up to attend, so she was opening it up to other families not involved with her group.  It was for a Friday, and we have no outside activities on Fridays, plus the fact that my crew had never visited a fire station before, so we decided to join in on the fun!

The day dawned picture perfect.  Just look at that Carolina blue in the background of the fire station's flags! Makes you want to move here, doesn't it??? 

First we learned a lot of fire safety rules, and it became rather apparent that this is an area that we've sorely neglected at our house. Yes, we've got smoke detectors, but that's about it.  I left with the homework to implement a fire evacuation plan, set a family meeting spot, and to have family fire drills.  And our kids could not have been more excited to hear that we needed to be having family fire drills!  Ha!
Next we toured the station and saw the kitchen, the TV room, the rooms where the firefighters sleep and where they stored their belongings, their workout room (because firefighters are STRONG!) and we visited the "Watch Room."
We also saw a firefighter get dressed layer by layer in his gear, so we could still see he was still the same friendly fire fighter even with all of his scary looking gear on.
We got to hold the fire helmet to see how HEAVY it was!
And then it was on to the most exciting part~ getting to SEE and climb in the fire trucks! 
We listened to the loud siren and saw the bright lights....
posed for a photo....

And then finally, we went back inside to receive our own helmets and badges!

Such fun!  And we learned a lot!  Yes, even this  mommy learned a lot!
After our time at the station we met for a picnic lunch and playtime at a nearby park.  I left my camera in the car and just enjoyed the beautiful day outdoors with the children~ so  no photos of that part!
We left with Charlie saying, "This was the best day EVER, Mommy" and with me realizing the importance of putting away the school books on occasion to spend time learning in a different way.  My kids WILL learn to read and write and learn their math facts.  Sometimes we just need to get out and have some fun with other families.  After all, THAT's one of the reasons why we've chosen to homeschool! 


Janet and Kevin said...

The "trying to fit it all into the homeschooling time" is difficult for me as well. You do a great job fitting it all in!

Looked like a wonderful field trip.

hugs friend,
janet and gang

Rita and John said...

What a fun day! Your children look so happy, especially in that last photo. We need to have a better fire plan for our house too. Thanks for the reminder!

likeschocolate said...

Looks like the day was a done of fun.

Catherine said...

Hands on learning is SO important and I'm guessing they remember much more of what was taught to them at the firehall than they learned in a book last week. Everything works together but special outings are the best!!

I'm a fire warden at work so every few years we go to the fire station for a 1/2 day of training. The first day I walked in for training I was in my early 20's and was imagining the yumminess of listing to a hot firefighter for the morning. Yes!! Sure beat being at work!! Anyway, you can imagine my surprise (and disappointment!) when a woman walked in to teach us. *sigh!* I did learn though even though - and probably concentrated better! ;o)