Monday, March 18, 2013

Sissy's Home~

So, toward the end of Feb. Emily mentioned that she might come home that first weekend in March.  But she wasn't sure.  I've been parenting teens for a while now, and I have learned that teen plans are {ahem} fluid.  I hadn't heard one way or another, so the morning of Emily's "maybe" arrival, I gave her a call to find out the plans.  We were en route to Greenville, for an appointment at Shriner's for Charlie's feet.
So, the call goes something like this.  
Me: Hi honey, hadn't heard your final plans for the weekend yet.....
Em:  I'm still not sure.
Me: Ummmm, well today's the day, right?
Em:  Yes.  I've got my car loaded just in case, and I'm on my way to class. I thought I'd decide when I get out of class.
Me:  OK.....Well, are you leaning one way or the other?  Maybe yes, since you've got the car packed already?  
Em:  I'm REALLY wanting to come home, but I have a stats test on Monday.  And I REALLY need to study.  And it's hard at the house with all the kids.
Me: Well that's true.  What's your grade like in stats right now?
Em: I've got an "A" right now, but it's borderline. 
Bill in background:  Tell her to stay at school and study and not sacrifice her grade for a weekend home and 11 wasted hours of driving.  And she'll save on gas. (and can you tell who pays for Emily's gas???)
Em:  I'm feeling like y'all don't WANT me home.
Me: Of course we want you home, honey.  But it IS a lot of driving for a short time.  And we won't  be in 'til this evening.  And daddy is flying to Denver on Sun. morning. And I have lunch plans with a friend on Sat. afternoon.  But yes, honey we REALLY want you to come home.  If you want to.  And if you think you can study for the test.
Em: Gosh, mom, it sounds like I'm not wanted.  Does anyone want me home???
AnnaClaire in background:  Tell Sissy to come home.  We want Sissy!
Others in background begin chanting:  Sissy home!  Sissy home!  Sissy home!
OK, then.  Sissy came home!
And that stats test?  My girl aced it!  And did I mention her 4.0 last semester? Well, just in case I hadn't.....yeah, well just in case....
SO glad my girl came home!      


Rita and John said...

Ha ha! Love how you recounted the conversation! And I'm so glad Sissy came home! Sounds like I'm not the only one. :)

Kristi said...

So sweet! I can just hear that chorus of little siblings chanting. :)
After all, what's 11 hours of driving and all that gas?
(plus apparently studying is optional...)
Glad you had some family time!

Wolfes Home said...

Wonderful! Loved your fire house tour, too.

Liesl said...

Ahhhhhh! We don't have Sissy Time around here, but we do have Brother Time! And we wouldn't miss it for anything...........glad to see that Em came home.

Jan said...


Catherine said...

Who could say 'no' to that chorus of 'Sissy home'? Glad she was home to visit her sweet brothers and sisters!

LOL - teen plans are crazy fluid!

Glad you had such a great visit! Will she be able to come home for Easter? Sure hope all of your kiddos will be with you!!

Leslie said...

Yeah for big sissies!!! So glad she got to come and visit, and boo on Bill for his gas comment. ;) I admittedly don't keep up with the gas consumption at our home.

Emily's grades don't surprise me at all, but since you mentioned it no I don't think you had bragged. That was overdue!


Jean said...

Awwww- so glad she came home to visit!!

Love the conversation - sounds like ours!

Fluid is a good word ;-)