Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tiny Dancer~

  Saturday was Kate's dance recital.  It's just so happened that each year her class has done a ballet dance as opposed to a tap routine. Which suits Kate just fine!  This year she danced to "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from Lion King. 

Kate's class is such a sweet group of girls.

 It's such a joy to watch Kate dance.  She's SO graceful and expressive, and she always has a smile on her face.  She LOVES to be on stage.  And of course, she loves wearing tutus!
Afterwards, she received flowers from her Daddy!

Next year, Kate will be moving to a new level in dance.  She'll have separate classes  for both tap/jazz and ballet instead of one combined class.  At first Kate said she just wanted to do ballet.  UNTIL she learned that if she took 2 classes, she'd be in TWO recital dances and wear TWO recital costumes.  And that sealed the deal for her.  Ballet AND tap it will be!

I am not a "dance mom" type at all.  But this is something Kate LOVES (and does WELL with) so we're allowing her to do it.  We're very blessed to have found a God honoring dance studio where costumes are modest and the music (a mix of Christian and other) and dance routines bring glory to Christ.  Before the performance, prayers were said that the dancers would use their gifts and talents for the glory of God and to bless others. There are no competitive teams in our studio, and the owner works classes around her homeschooling schedule.  LOVE that! It's just perfect for us!


likeschocolate said...

She looks darling!

Joanna @ Asking with Faith said...

I remember reading your blog when Kate first came home. She has always been so graceful and just so beautiful. She is growing up!

jeanette said...

she just LOOKS like a dancer!
so so pretty!

Catherine said...

What a beautiful little dancer your Kate is. Had to laugh at her reaction to two classes = two recitals and two pretty dresses! Sweet.

Love your studio!! I'm not a 'dance mom' type either and wish we had a studio with similar values here. So happy that you've found the perfect studio for you! Hmmm...wonder if we could commute? LOL!

Charlene said...

What a precious little girl! Glad to see her loving dance!

FYI, competitive teams aren't always bad. Shaoey was on our Christian dance schools competition team this year and loved it. They were a TEAM. They encouraged one another, cheered one another on, prayed together, and strengthen friendships. We also saw Shaoey's dance skills soar from the experience. (She placed 2nd in her division both competitions!)