Friday, August 2, 2013


Back from Kenya.

  And her life has been changed.

I can see it in her face.

I can hear it in her words. 

When I asked Emily about the safari the group had been on at the end of their trip, she said, "I didn't go to Kenya to see animals.  I went to see the people. To love them."  

And I can see that my girl them loved well.    

Here are a few photos from Emily's trip to Kenya.  

Emily is a journal-er and with her permission, I have used some of her words as captions below the photos.

"Today I had this feeling-- this feeling of doing exactly what I was made to do. And I was brought to tears by the fullness of joy that came with arms being wrapped around the least of these."

"These arms of mine were made for this; this heart of mine was made for this."

"Made to hold, to love, to embrace; to tell how much their creator loves them. "

 "That He has a PLAN for their lives-- OH, does He have a plan!"

 "My heart is full on this day because I've realized, as one who likes to be DOING all the time, that life isn't about just doing, doing, doing.  But living.  Being in the moment.  Simplicity."

"It's not about always doing something super awesome and radical-- but about being where the Lord has called us and serving, loving in that moment."

"Today I am thankful. For the laughter and the joy and the love that exists in this place where life is just lived and simplicity is embraced and Jesus is known."

"Thankful that beauty does lie in ashes and our God is the God of the redeemed."

 "Thankful for clarity in knowing the Lord has given me a dream and it is not in vain, but I fully believe He will bring this dream to reality as I trust in Him and walk with Him and embrace where He has me and where He leads me."

"My heart is full tonight.  Thank you, Lord, for bringing me to Kenya."


Leslie said...

Oh Pam! This post is powerful. No more words needed. Praise God for Emily's reminder to us all of what being in Christ looks like as it is lived out in being not just doing.

Catherine said...

Love it! Thank you for the glimpse into the heart of your sweet girl who is seeking Him and His will for her life! Excited to see where this leads! The love, peace and excitement in her eyes can be felt through her pictures!!

Blessings sweet Emily.

Wolfes Home said...

Wow! Incredible! What joy for a mom to know that her children are walking with the Lord and finding fulfillment in doing so. He has great plans indeed for this treasure of yours! Go Emily!

Liesl said...

I see the life-work of a missionary in your future, Miss Emily .......

Liesl :)

Unknown said...

thank you so much for sharing your daughter's heart with us Pam. This is so beautiful, she is so beautiful

Joy said...

Her beautiful spirit shines through in these photos! God has big plans for this young lady!:)

Leslie said...

Pam, I commented back to your post on my blog. Wasn't sure if you'd see it.

Please update us on your blog! ;) Miss your posts!

Robin said...

Hi Pam! I went searching on blogger today and found this...your posts. Nice to find you again.