Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day Of School (Monday)

Here's a picture from the first day of school, which was on Monday. It was sad awkwardly standing there alone... and driving by myself. School is pretty good so far! I'm taking three AP classes, so that's going to be hard, but other than that, it's fun. And when I say fun, I mean it's as fun as school can possibly be. I have a pretty good schedule, which is good. All of my classes are HUGE (well, for my school anyway. My smallest has 22 people and my biggest has close to 30. Last year my smallest had like 12 and my biggest had just over 20!) I enjoy big classes though, and I have good friends in every class, so that's good :) I'm also excited because this year, they are letting all juniors and seniors who have first period study hall have an "off campus" during first period! Which means I don't have to come into school until 8:30 on Wednesdays and 8:45 on every other day! (Our Wednesday schedule is different because we have chapel.)

So anyway... junior year has started off pretty well. I can honestly say I'd go back to it being summer in an instant though!

I also want to ask you to pray for two of the guys at my school. They are brothers and one's a sr. and one's a sophomore. Their dad died over the weekend after battling cancer on and off for 25 years. So please just remember them in your prayers. Almost our entire high school was able to go to the funeral yesterday morning. I thought it was pretty amazing that they let us out of school at 10 so we would be able to go and be there for these two guys. Not many schools would do that... But anyway, please just remember them and their mom in your prayers... they are definitely hurting right now!


Kristi said...

Happy junior year to you!
What an awesome school that dismissed so you could attend the funeral! Your student body is blessed to be so tight knit!

Jean said...

Love the late start!! A little extra sleep is so so nice!!
Enjoy your junior year!!