Monday, August 3, 2009

What do the girls think?!

They seem pretty excited! They are always bringing up "baby" Charlie and having another brother. I'm not sure that they understand that he won't be a baby, but that will come! I witnessed the SWEETEST moment every a few weeks ago... We had given AC a picture of Charlie to look at, and she found a few more and just sat by Kate, showing her the pictures. She explained that this was, "baby Charlie and he has no mommy and daddy so we are going to go to China on the big airplane and bring him home! He's my little brudder!" They were just looking at the pictures and giving them kisses.... soooo sweet.

Speaking of the girlies, they have been pretty busy lately! They were gone a couple days last week with Mom, Mia, and Mrs. Tracey in the mountains! They stayed two nights in a cabin (or cabinent as Booie would say) and just had a ball! I have a few pictures to share from that (yes, Mom took the camera!!!)

We also went to lunch at Chickfila with Jeanette and her boys! They are traveling soon to go get their little Sara Beth FINALLY! So we had a nice little celebration lunch. We also ran into Lainie's family, which was fun! Lainie and AC lived in the same room at their orphanage, so it was very special to finally meet them in "real" life!

As for the adoption front, we are still at a stand still in the homestudy, which has been very frustrating. It looks like our first homestudy visit won't be until Aug. 20... :( PLEASE pray along with us that God would work miracles and allow our dossier to be to China by Oct. 17 (3 months from the day our PA was dated)! That's our deadline... it can be extended, but we are praying that we can somehow make it. Right now, it seems impossible, but we we serve a God who NOTHING is impossible with!

Thank you so much for all your comments and encouragement. It means soo much to us :)


Catherine said...

We serve a great big God!! Praying He allows your dossier to head to China by October 17th.

What fun for your Mom and sisters to spend time with friends in the mountains. Your mom recently left a comment on my blog and it was a wonderful surprise! Thanks Pam!! I'm excited that you and I are sharing our adoption journies together.

Someday Emily I'll finally get to a Chickfila and I might just need to call you from there! Wish we had them closer but I know where one is in Florida so hopefully the next time I'm there I'll finally get to check out the fun place you enjoy going to so often.

Praying for your family and for your little brother waiting for you in China.


Amy Jo said...

Praying for God to MOVE those roadblocks. Know that we are praying with your family through each and every step!

Love your story about your little sisters. Very sweet!

Hugs and blessings,

Kristi said...

Praying for you guys! I KNOW how frustrating the home study process can be...

Ginny said...

Your son is such a cutie! Thanks for commenting on Ruthie's blog. My husband and I both went to Baylor and then I returned there to work as the physical therapist on campus from 2000-2008. We love Baylor and would be happy to answer any questions or help with anything. We moved to Houston in '08 where my husband is a pastor. Please let me know if there is anything we can do. We visit Waco several times a year to see friends. Oh and you will love Chongqing. I really think they take great care of the kids there. Is he part of the Half the Sky program?

Staci said...

awwww WOW!! i am just so thrilled for you guys!! LOVE the story of AC telling Kate about Charlie!! SOOO precious!!!! Praying for a fast dossier!!