Friday, September 18, 2009

Guess where we went today?!

Mom and Dad are up at Bay*lor for parent's weekend, so Aunt D and Aunt L came here to help me out with the little girlies! :) I didn't have school today, so we headed to Chucke*Cheese's for the girls' first time EVER. They see the commercials on P*B*S* and have been begging to go for months. When Mom and Dad booked their flights to Wa*co, and we asked the aunts to come in, the first thing AC did was ask them if they'd take her and Kate to Chucke*Cheese's. Kate was a little unsure at first, but after eating (an entire piece of pizza, might I add... unheard of for her!) she loved it! AnnaClaire was in heaven from the minute we stepped in the building. We spent a good two hours there, won enough tickets to get a blow up microphone for each girl, had a very good lunch (Chucke*Cheese has good pizza!), rode lots of fun rides, etc. AnnaClaire is begging to go back tomorrow... It was a hit :)
But that wasn't it for today... tonight, sweet Sara Beth finally came home from China! AC and Kate made signs for her and we were all so, so excited to be able to welcome her home... what a beautiful little girl and what an INCREDIBLE moment... one that had everyone there in tears. I can't wait to share some pictures from her homecoming, but I'll let her mama do that first, so stay tuned!


jeanette said...

oh my! AC looks so grown up in those pics...such a big girl. :)

so glad they got their first Chuck E Ch*ese experience!

and so glad you got to welcome Miss Sara Beth home tonight!

Kristi said...

If Anna Claire's smile were any bigger, it would not fit on her face! Have a great weekend!

Jean said...

Oh how fun for the kids- both the little ones and the big ones!!

How nice to have your Aunt there to help out- they look as happy as can be, to be with you all!!

Enjoy your time!!