Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

I have so many pictures from our weekend to share... but before I forget, I wanted to post this one of my sweet girlies at the pumpkin patch. Mom and Mrs. Tracey took AC, Kate, and Mia earlier this week... there was on picture left one the camera and this was it... are my sweet sisters cute or what?!

I promise to post about the trip soon. Crazy amounts of pictures tend to overwhelm me! Plus, school has been crazy lately... being a junior isn't very fun... Although I can't really complain about the high school-wide dodgeball tournament that was after the P*S*A*T* yesterday :)

For now, if you want to hear one of our stories from the weekend, go here...

1 comment:

Our family: said...

Your little sisters look absolutely adorable in their pumpkin orange sweaters!

I sure wish my Maylie could meet them!