Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We're getting closer...

Our fingerprint appointments FINALLY came today.

They are scheduled for 11/2, but you can walk in on Wednesdays, so Mom and Dad are going to do that tomorrow. Since Will is at college in Texas, things are a bit more complicated... he also received his for 11/2 and is also going to try to walk in tomorrow. Of course, it's a 1.5 hour drive for him and we have no idea if the F*ort Wo*rth office even allows walk ins... Maybe they will pity him..

So here's our stats thus far for the whole i800a process. Hopefully the approval will not be long after our fingerprint appointments!

application received as USCIS- 9/24

Receipt notice date- 10/2

Second receipt- 10/12

Received FP appointments- 10/20

In other news, both girlies are sick. AnnaClaire has been for the past 9 days, and is only getting worse. She has been to the dr twice and they finally put her on an antibiotic. Kate has an ear infection, had a fever for a day or two, but is getting much better. They boh have awful coughs and are miserable... poor things!

But, we are holding up! I am swamped with homework, but just 1 more day to get through and then we have a 4 day weekend! Maybe then I can find some time to post all about Gat*linburg!


jeanette said...

yay for finally getting fingerprint dates!! I will pray Will is able to just walk in with no problems. Hope the girlies are feeling better. Poor AC -has she EVER been really sick? I've always thought she's the healthiest kid I know! :)

Jean said...

Your little bro Charlie is so so cute!! I love hearing about each step you take!! I had no idea you could walk in- next time we are doing that!! Anything to get these kids home asap!

Blessings on your journey!

Sorry to hear the little girls are sick. Hoping they feel better soon!

Dana said...

So sorry to hear the girls are sick! My big kids had the flu recently and it was not fun. I hope the fingerprint appts go well and you are on your way to I800 approval.

Janet and Kevin said...

Yippeeeeeeeeee for getting closer to Charlie! Continuing to keep your little sisters in our prayers for healing. Philip is still ill as well. This thing really holds on!

Hugs from Indiana
Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

Kristi said...

I'm praying that things will progress smoothly and that before long all this wait for Charlie will be a distant memory...

Catherine said...

Another step closer! Yay!!

Our family: said...

Oh, he is so so beautiful! Glad your are getting closer to bringing your sweet boy home!