Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saturday Fun

I will upload first day of school pictures soon, but they are on the other camera, which Dad has at the moment. So for today, here are some from yesterday. It was finally the big day that AnnaClaire has been looking forward to for a couple of months... the day that soccer started! She had the best time ever and ran to us so proudly afterwards with her new jersey, socks, and water bottle. It was precious. Gracie also started volleyball yesterday and she had a great time, too! Hers was early, so just Dad brought her and he brought the video camera but not the other camera, so there are no pictures. She seemed to have a really fun time though and also got some new volleyball gear :)

After the sports were over, Dad and I headed down the street to the big fair that our little town has ever Labor day weekend. We had the most beautiful weather for it... FINALLY. I forget how much I love this time of year. Football and cool weather. Anyway, we had a very fun time and all of the kids loved the rides, snacks, booths, and sitting in a real firetruck! It was a really fun morning!

Mom, Dad, and the kiddos are at the mountains now (I had to work, so couldn't join) so I'm sure I'll have lots more pictures to upload, but enjoy these for now :)


Melanie said...

Sweet!! AC looked really proud of herself and Gracie looks adorable in her glasses!!

Staci said...

Aww! Love the pics of AnnaClaire playing soccer!! What a big girl!

Tina Michelle said...

Those are some great action shots! Great looking fair too!

Janet and Kevin said...

Sweet pictures of the fun being had by your littles!

janet and gang

Julie said...

Looks like a really fun day!

jeanette said...

oh my! such cute pics of the girls in their uniforms...and of the fair. :)