Friday, November 12, 2010

A long name to write!

But she got it down perfectly!

And she's starting to read!

Our little kindergartner is loving school!

And on a different note, can I just say that North Carolina falls might just be my favorite thing...


Anonymous said...

God's handiwork is so BEAUTIFUL! Who could see such beauty and deny there is a God?

Debbie Sauer said...

Love her name!!

Laura said...

hey there sweet girl,
i have been following your blog since july! i live in wheaton il. and am the mom of 4 bio kids and one chinese 5 yearold princess, she's from hunan. we are adopting 2 girls 6 and 7 from china in march most likely. they are not biologically related but are in the same orphanage with the same SN. So, i have loved following your journey and check in with you everyday. thank you for sharing your journey. I'm so curious about Grace and language, bonding etc. Our 1st adoption was an infant, i'm wondering what to expect with older kids! What have you done language-wise? how is she doing? If you are uncomfortable answering I under stand and thank you.
Laura Jones (no blog, crazy homeschool mom with no time to figure it out!)

Staci said...

SO cute that AnnaClaire is learning to write her name! She's doing so well :) And gorgeous tree! All of our leaves are off the trees's kind of depressing. except it makes it more Christmas-like, which I love ;) lol

Julie said...

What a big girl! :)