Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Basketball Girls!

AnnaClaire and Gracie are loving basketball! They both scored their first baskets at their games on Saturday! AnnaClaire's team is the Magic, and Gracie's is the Storm! 

Gracie also started piano lessons a couple weeks ago and is really enjoying them as well! I need to get a picture of her playing! She has even learned how to play a couple of basic songs! 

As I mentioned, Kate has started dance and adores it! She has been showing us all of her cute little moves and dancing all around. I'll have to get Mom to take a picture of her all dressed up for dance, because she looks so cute!!! Of course, the little miss is sick right now :( so she hasn't been quite her dancy self. Her sissy is ready to see her curtsying around again!

Not to leave Charlie out, he's been extra sweet lately. He really is such a good boy when he knows to keep his hands to himself :) It's nice to have a little guy in a house full of girls, that is for sure!


Janet and Kevin said...

We recently shared about our adoption experience again at a meeting with our agency and new hopeful adoptive parents. We were up in front with other families, one who happened to have two darling daughters who were very well behaved and quiet.

Not so very well behaved were our little darling sons (who happen to be so adorabable) - they were suddenly hungry, ancy, and, well, just being little boys! All in front of an audience!

Kevin and I just had to laugh on the way home because most of the young parents in the audience didn't even look sideways at us, preferring to look at the family with the "well-behaved, keeping their hands to themselves little girls".

I got the biggest chuckle reading your post today about all of your siblings activities and then how sweet Charlie is if he could keep his hands to himself! I so relate! :)

Janet and gang of boys

Wife of the Pres. said...

Great update Emily. We are trying to get J to do a sport, but he is so hesitant. I think he is afraid of failing. :( He has the whole "strong boy" thing going on which makes me sad. He told us "boys not allowed to cry in China." So anyway, we are thinking about spring soccer maybe.

S loves dance too! She is so confident in her dancing skills. It is so sweet to watch her practice all around the house!

I can relate to like Janet above to boys. Oh my. Our little dude is actually good at playing however he can be quite antsy too (especially when it is time to be still :).

Hugs to your whole family!