Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mom's Birthday and Valentines Cookies!

As Mom says, we are making the most of every "first" holiday here! The other day, the kids all made and decorated valentines cookies and made valentines! Everything turned out so precious! Mom's birthday was last week, too! She ended up with lots of cards made by her loving children :) Gracie was especially so excited to give Mom all of the cards she made! So I know it's a week late, but happy birthday, Mom! We love you!!


Kristi said...

Happy (late) birthday Pam!
And I just love the look of concentration on faces as they decorate their Valentine cookies!

Janet and Kevin said...

Happy Birthday Pam! I love the sign you are holding up in one of your pictures. So funny!

Our son Ted's birthday is on Valentine's Day- not too far from your birthday. That gives us another reason to love that holiday (that and all the candy and cookies we eat that day! :)

janet and gang

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Pam, our birthdays have to be close together, cause mine was Tuesday!
Hope you had a great time with family!

Love all the kiddos making fun things, what a great Mom you are!!

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday, Pam! From Matt, Stephanie, Ellery, and Annie

Pam said...

Thanks for the wishes ladies!

Janet, you certainly received the most perfect gift for Valentine's Day 20 something years ago!

Wolfes Home said...

Happy Birthday, Pam. Great sign!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Pam, from a fellow Aquarian!

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Pam!! What a wonderful way to celebrate! There is nothing better than handmade cards from your children who love you so very much!

Sweet Valentine's cookies.

Happy Valentine's day friends!

PS - Emily, I finally made it to a Chick-Fil-A when visiting FL last month. Thought of you when I was there. It didn't disappoint and I'll go back next time I'm in the sunny south!

Julie said...

Happy late birthday to your mom. Looks like fun days.

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Pam! And happy valentines day!!