Monday, February 28, 2011

A visit from some friends

AnnaClaire's best friend, Lucy, and her Mom came to visit for the weekend and we had the best time! AnnaClaire and Lucy were at Chenzhou SWI at the same time and for the 4+ years that the girls have been home, we've tried to get together at least every year. The girls have the most precious bond and they are absolutely adorable to watch together. When Mom dropped Lucy and her mom off at the airport, AnnaClaire cried the whole way home. She is already counting down the days until she gets to see Lucy again!

But anyway, we had a wonderful weekend! On Friday, Mia (who is also from Chenzhou), Emily, and their parents came over and there was lots of food and fun for everyone! It was sweet to have all the kiddos running around our house! They had a blast together! On Saturday, we woke up and headed to the zoo (and Sissy even joined along!) Gracie had a basketball tournament, so she stayed home and had a special day with Daddy, and the rest of us had a great time at the zoo. The kids all had a blast riding the tram, looking at the animals, climbing the statues, and having a picnic lunch! The elephants, zebras, and giraffes were the biggest hit! The NC weather was beautiful for the zoo and we all had so much fun! That night, the girls were so excited to all 3 bathe together! They had to show Lucy all the things that sisters do, since Lucy is basically their sister :)

We were sad to say goodbye on Sunday, but of course had a fun morning together before doing so. And we are already looking forward to the next time we get to be together! Thanks for visiting us Lucy and Laura! We had a BLAST!


Anonymous said...

My and her daughter bedmate and best friend in Nanjing still keep in touch 11 years after coming home. I hope they will remain lifelong friends.

bbeatley said...

Hello, I have been following your blog for awhile now, but I am hoping you can help me get out some information about our Walk-a-thon. We are trying to raise funds for a missions trip to Romania in August and our plans include walking the 5311 miles that it would take to get from Charlotte to Romania, a Yard Sale, and a Basket Raffle which we start to sell tickets for tomorrow. Is there anyway you can give me some pointers on how to promote our blog? Here is the link to our blog,, if possible, could you let your friends and family know about it...I would greatly appreciate any help you could give us! I love reading about your family's love for orphans!

Tina Michelle said...

how super fun, love the pics!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Emily.

Jean said...

That looks like so much fun!! What a blessing to continue to get together!!

Wish we lived close to you!