Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Rejoicing today that the Lord has been faithful to us in what he promised back in May. Miss Ellie is coming HOME!!!!!

I'll update as soon as we have a confirmed CA and travel dates, but it is looking like Mom and Dad will be leaving on February 3rd and holding precious Ellie on the 6th! Thank you for praying and journeying with us all these months. I know I've have been so distant, but I promise to post soon and catch y'all up with the family and also a little bit of what Jesus has been showing me!

But as for now, we celebrate the fact that Ellie is FINALLY coming home. We covet your prayers as we make the journey to China once more and adopt another precious treasure into our family!

"What I have said, that will I bring about; what I have planned, that will I do." -Isaiah 46:11


Catherine said...

Oh Emily! I couldn't be happier for your wonderful family!!! God is SO good and soon your sweet baby sister will be HOME!!!

Celebrating God's answer to your prayers today!!

Jodee said...

Whoooo hoooo! That is great news! She is just precious!

Ruthie said...


Staci said...

Yes!!! I have been praying for you all and hoping you would hear soon about Miss Ellie... SO thrilled for you all and can't wait to see Ellie with her forever family at last!!!

Stephanie said...

Well, glory be! I'm so glad that she is finally coming HOME!! Looking forward to following the trip and seeing her in your parents' arms! Such a darling girl.

Wolfes Home said...

Yippee!! Can't wait to follow yet another Horner trip to China. :)

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!!! Can't wait to follow along.

Jean said...


Yay God!! So happy for all of you!!

I have missed you (Emily and Pam), your family and your blog!

Hoping you post more and during your travels!!


Jen Barbee said...

We will be there at the same time! We are leaving Feb 3 with a CA on February 6th!!!!

Anneli Johnson said...

Emily~ She is absolutely precious! I didn't realize that your family was adopting again! How exciting! Praying for you as I know how hard it is being at home and not being able to go as well as your parents as they travel to bring your little sister home. God is so good. :)