Tuesday, July 31, 2012

And he's off~

Sigh..... Our week with Will went MUCH too quickly.  The little ones just adore him, most especially Charlie!  We had just left Will off at the airport, and before I even had the van into drive, little Charlie was already saying how much he was missing his big brother.  

Goodbye Will~ You are such fun! See you in November!


Catherine said...

I love seeing pics of your littles with their older siblings and how close they are!

Leslie said...

Oh Pam. What a precious post. And little Charlie ... if y'all were closer, I know he would like to hang with all of my guys!

BTW, is it just me or do Grace and AC look more and more alike???

When do you have to see Emily back off? I can't imagine how hard it is to have them home and then off again. You must be incredibly proud, but I know you must miss them so much ... not to mention their siblings missing them.

Big Hugs.

Monica said...

AnnaClaire has gotten so big. I'd forgotten she was so close in age to Reese (whose in 2nd grade this year).