Friday, July 27, 2012

Favorite Friday~

Is it me, or do y'all love this stuff, too????  This scent is honeysuckle, and I just *heart* it. 

And another favorite (since they go hand in hand)~ I just LOVE these dishcloths.  The fact that they are hand knitted by children, just makes them all the better!  The color pictured is Garden Blend.  The yarn color must be popular because sometimes it's available, and sometimes not.  They can be found HERE.  And the soaps made by this family.....well that is a post for another Favorite Friday!

I have SO much to catch up on~ June highlights, July highlights, the wedding.... it's, well, it's overwhelming. We've got 2 of our older children home right now, and I've been trying to soak up the time with them, since they are in for such a brief time.  We were able to pick Will up on our way in from Michigan.  His plane in from Kenya (via London) landed right as we were getting back into town.  We couldn't have planned it better if we tried!  Will is heading to Denver on Tues.  He's looking to attend grad. school there after he graduates in Dec.   He's got some meetings with professors scheduled along with also visiting a certain someone who is there as well.  

Emily and I head to Auburn on Wednesday. This. coming. Wednesday.  I cannot believe she's going back already.  We'll be spending the night with my SIL in Atlanta and then moving her in to her dorm bright and early Thursday morning.  I'm considering myself having the easier end of the deal with the dorm moving (3rd floor) in the 100 degree Alabama heat, than does Bill, who will be staying home with the 5.  I've been teasing Bill that I'm looking forward to my little getaway.   Anyway, all that to say that once I've said my goodbyes to Will and Emily, I'll be back to a more regular blogging schedule.



Janet and Kevin said...

Sounds like a busy but sweet couple of weeks for you all.

janet and gang

Leslie said...

OK, well disregard my question about seeing Emily off. I see here that was today. :( Big hugs my friend. And praying for safe travels back home and a great new year for Emily at Auburn.