Monday, August 6, 2012

6 Months~

  6 months with Ellie!

And I can hardly believe it.  The time has gone so very quickly.  Her adjustment has been AMAZING.  I cannot believe she's the same, shut down baby girl that we received on February 6, 2012!  She is sweet and spunky.  And STRONG WILLED.  Oh my is she strong willed. And she's EVERY BIT of 2!  She is going to keep us young! 

Elisabeth LiMeng  we love you and are so glad that God chose US to be your family!

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Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...


And boy, oh boy, do I know STRONG WILLED.


We've got a house half-full of them.

Janet and Kevin said...

Wow! Six months flies by, doesn't it?

It will be a year on August 14th for our Sophia. Can not believe it!

janet and gang

Catherine said...

What a cutie your spunky little 2yo is! I love the glimmer in her eyes! You can see she's already planning her next move! :o)

So blessed that God chose you to be the Mom to this amazing little girl!!

jeanette said...

I can't stand how cute she is!!! so thankful she has adjusted so well.

Wolfes Home said...

Seriously one of the cutest faces I've ever seen. :)

Debbie Sauer said...

ADORABLE!! Blessings

Anonymous said...

OH HOW FUN!!! I was almost ready to delete your blog from my list, ha! So glad I didn't. LOVED catching up!!!!
Can't wait to follow along again. ;)
The S Family