Saturday, August 4, 2012

And she's back~

Anonymous that is.  Still commenting about bedroom arrangements, room sizes, and clothing. Really?  After all these years, you haven't moved on? What a pathetic woman you are. Nothing better to do on a Friday night????  Sad.  Really sad.


Kjbikakis said...

There's sadly always going to be that one person who just cant move on ): My brother is dealing with the same thing, and i have to, people are so pathetic that they feel the need to pick on others and state their comments when they have nothing nice to say.
I wish people could learn to hold their tongues if they don't have anything nice or respectful to say. They should abide by the rule i've been told since i can remember "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."
Hope that Anon goes away and leaves for good ):
God Bless.

Kristi said...

Are you for serious?
Why don't you create a new blog and only let those of us who adore you and your family know the address?
Know that there are tons of us out here who so admire and love your family and really couldn't care less about your bedroom arrangements, room sizes or clothing for the kids...
Big hugs Pam, BIG hugs!

dnd82001 said...

I had something similar I just put it so anonymous folks cant post and never heard from that person again!


Lori @ Five of My Own said...

Trolls stink. I've had it happen too. Im sorry you have to deal with this when you are telling such a beautiful story.

Take a look at installing Disqus. It's free and it works easily with blogger and you can block people by their isp address plus there are many other options to stop this sort of harassment. I installed it on my blog and it helped.

also I now moderate comments and delete the ugly ones. I've found if I ignore them they will go away.

Catherine said...

Sorry you're dealing with Trolls too.

Be cautious about Disqus. I've had it on for almost 2 weeks and am not really happy with it and don't find their customer support helpful. They seem to be selective about what questions they respond too. I'm considering removing it, just need to ensure I won't lose all my comments. Be careful.

Sorry people get kicks out of saying nasty things. If only they knew all it really does is make us feel badly for them....not about ourselves.

((hugs)) friend

Tanner said...

I never post but to think someone has followed you for two years and has the nerve to say anything negative about your beautiful family it just goes to prove we need to pray everyday for that person who obviously has nothing good in their life that they have to try and bring you down to make themselves feed good. I know it's a horrible sentence structure but they made me MAD.

Naomi said...

So sorry Pam. Glad to see you have stopped anonymous from posting. Had to do the same thing myself on my blog. You may remember but I had many unkind comments on my blog after a certain incident four years ago. I don't know why people feel they have the right to judge others!

love to you and your sweet family!!!

Leslie said...

What????!!! Really, this person needs to MOVE ON!

Honestly, this is one reason I went private. Plus now I feel like the pressure is off to paint some constant rosy picture.

I also tired of people who know me IRL commenting to me at church about something on the blog, and yet they don't even really talk to me. In fact, since I went private they don't talk to me anymore. Whatever!

I agree with others. Just don't allow anonymous comments. Really no reason people can't have a username. My Mom and Dad are not tech savvy, but I led them through how to set one up, so if that is the case, you could help older readers with that.

Otherwise, everyone else should be able to have an acct. They don't have to have a blog to have an acct and comment.

And what in the world does she care about bedrooms? I don't get it AT ALL. Have you even talked about bedroom set-up lately? (not that it would matter or be any of our business, but where does this person find the time????)


P.S. LOL here. The codeword I have to put in to comment is "askyRat" LOL! I'm just saying ...

Inga said...

seriously.....anonymous, get a life! Love your post and your children are precious! So grown up..have been a reader for for a couple of years.