Sunday, October 28, 2012


A certain someone had a birthday yesterday!

The day started with doughnuts!  Because we hadn't had enough 2 days ago.

After receiving birthday wishes from grandmas and older siblings over the phone, it was time to head out to the circus!  

1st cotton candy experience!

Charlie and AnnaClaire wanted to visit all of the clowns
Holding the giant albino snake~ this was quite an accomplishment for Grace, who is terrified of snakes 

Everyone in our family LOVES the elephants
Ellie smiled the entire time.  She sat still in her seat and watched everything.
And here they all are!

I asked everyone what their favorite acts were, and here are their answers:

AnnaClaire: the motorcycles, the elephants, and the snake

Grace:  the motorcycles, the elephants, and the dogs

Kate:  the elephants and the ladies in the air

Charlie:  the elephants and the ladies in the air
 We asked him if he liked the motorcycles (they were doing stunts in a big  ball cage literally right in front of us) and we thought they were mighty cool for a little guy to see, but he said,  "No, they were too loud."

Ellie: "efants"
We make a donation to Shriner's each year (that's where we had Charlie's foot surgery done) and in return we receive a pass for our family to attend the circus.  And it just so happened that circus day this year fell on AnnaClaire's birthday.  What a perfect way to celebrate!

For dinner, AnnaClaire chose Q-doba, where kids eat free on Saturdays in Oct.  And you can bet that Daddy was most pleased with her choice!  

And then it was home for cake and presents.  Our birthday girl is not a big fan of cake, so she chose to have Oreo Delight instead, which she and mommy had made ahead.  A certain big brother is known to choose this for his birthday treat, too.  

And just in case you're wanting to make some Oreo Delight for YOUR family, here's the recipe~

Oreo Delight
16-oz. pkg. Oreos

1 stick butter

8-oz. pkg. cream cheese

16-oz. Cool Whip

1 lg. pkg. instant chocolate pudding

2 1 /2 c. milk

Crush Oreos and set aside 1/2 cup of crumbs.  Melt butter. Mix with remaining crumbs.  Press into a 9x13" pan.  Mix cream cheese and 1/2 of Cool Whip.  Spread on Oreo crust.  Mix instant pudding and milk.  Stir until it begins to thicken.  Spread over Cool Whip/ cream cheese layer.  Then spread the rest of the Cool Whip on top.  Sprinkle saved crumbs over top.  Refrigerate. 

And then it was on to presents! 

Happy 7th birthday, sweet girl!

I can't ever celebrate AnnaClaire's birthday without stopping to reflect on the significance of her birth date.  For it was in late Oct. 2005 when God first spoke to my heart telling me that we had 2 baby girls waiting for us in China. 

Oh, how I wish I would have written the exact date down when He first spoke, but I didn't have any idea at the time of it's significance.  But this I DO know.  It was late in Oct. 2005.  

At that time, our youngest, Emily, was 12.  And I kept wondering if I was hearing right.  Because it just didn't make sense that God would place adoption on my heart seemingly out of the blue. When our children were the ages they were. When I didn't know anyone who had adopted  internationally. And, when I'm sorry to say, "orphans" were not even on my radar. But God spoke clearly, though throughout our whole paperwork process I questioned and wondered if I really had heard correctly.  

And then.

We received AC's referral.

And when I saw the date of her birth, October 27, 2005, I KNEW.  

I HAD heard correctly. God had spoken at the VERY time that AnnaClaire was coming into the world.

And wasn't God so good to give such clear confirmation?  A tangible reminder for me, each and every day, that HIS timing IS perfect!

AnnaClaire Chenhui your personality is larger than life! You are as extroverted as they come! You add sunshine and joy to this family each and every day.  You always want to help, and you are our chief organizer and director. You are never in the moment, but are always thinking ahead to the next thing. You LOVE Jesus and you love others. You have the biggest heart!  

And I just can't imagine life without YOU! 



Janet and Kevin said...

Happy Birthday Anna Claire. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

janet and gang

Sammy said...

All the kids have grown since I last checked and all are as cute as ever!

Catherine said...

Happy 7th Birthday Anna Claire! It's been a treat watching you grow up over the years. You are such a fun, outgoing, lovable sweetie!

Happy, happy birthday!

Leslie said...

Happy BIRTHDAY Anna Claire!!! Susannah is loving being 7 too! Your birthdays are just a couple of weeks apart!!!

And Pam, thank you for sharing! I had a similar experience, and I didn't write down the exact date either. But God stirred my heart in 2005 as well, the same year Susannah was born.

So glad you all got to celebrate in such fun ways ... and that Oreo Delight, I can see why AC chose that! YUM! Printing that one out! It would not last but a few minutes here I just know it!

I could see me making two pans. Wonder how it would be with the golden oreos? I have a couple of DC who love those. Hmmm?

And I'm agreeing with Sammy--cute, cute, adorable kids!!!

P.S. Hope y'all are in this storm???

Liesl said...

I always think of AC when I think of our Cali.......AC's blog was the first one that we stumbled upon when we felt the nudge to adopt. And AC was the first one that we followed to China......and because of HER, I found YOU Miss Pam! I still remember contacting you through email and wondering if you would think that I were crazy. But He is amazing in His ways and how He orchestrates things........ So, my dear AC, you may not know me but we know YOU and love you and all that you stand for!!!!!! Thank you for making our China adoption real thru your story. It has made a lifetime of difference in one little girl's life here in IL. Happy Day, sweet girl!

Love for Lilly Yin said...

Wish I would have written the date down TOO, ugh. Happy Birthday AC! Looks like so much fun!

jeanette said...

Happy (belated) birthday to your Anna Claire. Sounds like an awesome birthday..full of family and fun!