Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat~

Halloween is a low key affair around here.
(and I know Emily is rolling her eyes as she reads this) 

In mid September, I decorate the house for fall. Apples, pumpkins, hay bales, leaves, scarecrows, turkeys and the like. And of course those wonderful fall scented candles.  No Halloween decorations (it's my least favorite "holiday") but lots of things to celebrate fall. I've got quite a collection going on.  In fact, we even eat off of special dishes during the fall months.  It IS my favorite season, after all!

The children do love to trick or treat.  And "costumes" for us means going into the dress up bin and choosing  something to wear for the evening.  That's really lame, I know. (Emily is nodding her head in agreement) But it is what it is, and the children don't know any differently and they are HAPPY. And I am HAPPY.  So it works well for us!

 After carving our pumpkin (a daddy/ child event) we sat down to a dinner of pumpkin soup, bread and pears.

And then it was time to trick or treat! 

Our 4 trick or treaters!

Ellie was our 3rd little trick or treater to wear this Snow White dress.  And let me tell you, she was in to her trick or treating!
Kate chose to be a Baylor cheerleader in honor of brother Will, who will be coming into town this weekend! 

This is Charlie's 3rd time to trick or treat, and the 3rd time he's chosen to be a cowboy! Notice the improvised holster.  I told you we are low key!
AnnaClaire chose to be a king.  Not a queen. Not a princess.  A king.  Sigh....
And our soon to be teenager sat on our porch and handed out candy this year!
 The kids came home with lots of loot, and made promises to share with Grace.  All in all, it was a fun and successful night!


Joy said...

Looks like fun. I really like Grace's haircut.

Jean said...

LOve the pics of your kiddos! They are so cute!!

Happy Halloween to your adorable family!!

Jenn said...

Everyone looks great!! We raid our dress up bin too. Seems silly to buy something else when you have so many things already to choose from! :)

Wolfes Home said...

Great memory making! And every time I see Ellie's smile I think her face is just going to explode with happiness. :)

Catherine said...

What a fun evening! We did the same thing at our house and Hannah's costume was from the dress-up bin. Super idea!

Your supper looks delicious! Lots of fall yumminess.

The kids look great in their costumes and Grace looked like she was enjoying welcoming all the little Trick or Treaters to your home.

Glad you had such a fun evening!

Janet and Kevin said...

I love fall, too! In fact, 32 years ago Kevin and I chose to be married in the fall with autumn colors for our wedding!

Cute trick-or-treaters at your house.

janet and gang

likeschocolate said...

Love the costumes! Hope they had a fantastic Halloween!

Leslie said...

LOVE IT and sounds like our Halloween. Wear what we have and keep it simple! We had soup as well!

Hope you're doing well.