Thursday, May 9, 2013

SO Nice~

Well, I must say, I'm REALLY enjoying having Emily home.  It's only for a brief time, as she heads away next week already, to begin her summer internship at an Atlanta area church.  And part of that time will be spent on a mission trip to Kenya, where she'll be doing some lovin' on orphans, along with others from that church.  Emily is super excited, and I'm excited for her!
So, the time while she's been home, she's been spoiling her mama a bit!
Each morning, I've given her a list of errands that I've been putting off for forever that need running, and my girl has done them all.  WITH a certain 3 year old on her hip!  Ahhh, it's amazing how smoothly our homeschool mornings go without said 3 year old underfoot hanging out with us!  
Emily also enjoys cooking (not the kitchen cleaning part, mind you, just the cooking) and she treated us to this scrumptious dessert tonight!

Ahhh, the blessing of an older daughter.....



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Leslie said...

Could Emily please get an internship in my area one day??? I would pay her well, and she could have another 3YO to have on her hip. Seriously, you must continue to be so proud! I hope you can update us some on her time in Kenya. Just wow.

Catherine said...

Such a blessing your sweet Emily is!