Monday, May 6, 2013


Our sweet Ellie turned 3 on Saturday!

It was a struggle getting those 3 fingers up, but there they are!

She is MOST definitely a spicey kind of girl!
She's full of smiles, but don't let that fool you, because she's also full of naughtiness.  Oh, yes she is!  It's just a good thing she's cute! 

Her cake is not homemade because her mama was at the Teach Them Diligently Conference over the weekend.  And arrived home right at Ellie's bed time on Saturday.  But Ellie didn't seem to mind.  In fact, we celebrated her day on Sunday, a day late.  And Ellie didn't mind that either!  So glad she's such a go with the flow girl.  Well, go with the flow, as long as she gets her way.  And it's not pretty when she doesn't. She might be just a tad stubborn.  But, she is cute.
She chose Mexican food for lunch.  With maybe a little persuading from the rest of us.

We sang, and she blew!

Even Sissy was home to celebrate!  We were all in jammies by cake time.  Because even though we live in the south, it was in the 50's and rainy, and it was just a jammie kind of day, especially since mama has already switched the closets over to the summer clothes, and had packed away the cool weather clothes.

Happy Birthday, Dear Ellie!

You are LOVED!



likeschocolate said...

She is so so darling! Happy Happy Birthday! Love the birthday crown.

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Ellie!!
Love seeing pics of your family!!

I am about to switch the clothes around too!

Wolfes Home said...

Happy birthday to Ellie! Can't get enough of her smile. :)

Amy Jo said...

What a sweet post and especially sweet photos. I am so glad Miss Ellie is home and smiling SO big. She completes your family so well. Sending love to your precious fam.

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday sweet little Ellie! Had to giggle at your spicy personality. Runs in our Hunan sweeties although I see less and less of it these days. Phew!

I guess since you're 3 it's a good thing we've changed up our bedtime prayers to praying for 'Little Ellie' from 'Baby Ellie.'

Happy birthday sweet girl!!

Leslie said...

Aw, Happy Birthday albeit a bit late! She is too cute! May I suggest she might be a wee bit spoiled (in a good spoiled way of course) as our littlest one is? I don't know, but something about us all toting her around and doting on her ... well she thinks she owns the place a bit.

I think Ellie and Sallie would get along just fine ... that is, until they both wanted the same thing! LOL!

3 is wonderful Ellie! Enjoy every moment of this next year!