Monday, September 30, 2013

Annual Apple Pickin'

The highlight of our fall is our annual trip to go apple picking!

  We started this tradition the first fall that we had AnnaClaire home. Just me and my 2 girls! AC was not quite two at the time. I had never been to an apple orchard in my whole life.  I had no idea of the FUN I was missing nor the memories to be made!

I have such precious memories of this first time we went in 2007.  It was a chilly, gray and drizzly day, but perfect in every other way.

This year, as in most of the past years, we were joined by my friend Tracey, and her 2 girls, Mia and Emily!

Here we are arriving at the orchard.

As you can see, the weather was perfect!

We went on a hayride first. Here's some of the group.

Then we went pickin'!

Well, only some of us actually picked....

 Grace and AnnaClaire spend the majority of their time IN the trees!

Kate was meticulous with her picking, as she is with everything.  She was careful to make sure each apple was just perfect!

And Charlie was our fastest picker.  He does everything quickly!

After picking came the BEST part!  Warm apple donuts and fresh cider.
   Then we let the kids play and play, while we mamas sat in the shade and visited.  No photos of that part, because we were too busy relaxing!

We loaded our cooler with gallons of cider.  And brought home more donuts for breakfast the next day, and then it was time to leave.   

Before heading home, we had to take our annual photos by the Sky Top sign.

Grace~ 13- 1/2

AnnaClaire~ 7- 1/2

Charlie~ 7- 1/2

Kate~ 6- 1/2

Ellie~ 3
Notice the hands on hips.  "I did the sassy pose, mama!"

And the whole gang!

Then we loaded up the 7 tired kids and headed home.  Our trip from start to finish was 11 hours long!  We slept WELL that night!

And Emily, you were MISSED!

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