Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I know all you bloggers out there can agree with me that the true BLESSING of blogging is the friends you meet along the way!

Yesterday, we had the privilege of welcoming this family to our home for lunch and a short visit!  They are on a BIG east coast road trip with their 5 children (they're a homeschooling family, too) and they were in our neck of the woods for the day.

All the kids!

Jocelyn and I have connections through AWAA, the agency we used for our first 2 adoptions and that they used for both of theirs.  But our closest connection is through Shepherd's Field, where her Elijah and our Kate waited together for their families.  We "chatted" quite a bit during the time we were both waiting to travel.  When big brother Drew was able to visit Kate at Shepherd's Field, he also was able to meet Elijah and play with him and snap some pictures for Elijah's waiting family.

How fun to get these two back together and meet as families face to face!

Jocelyn and I have also been able to share lots of conversations about older child adoption and some of the challenges involved with that.  It's so nice to have a friend that's walking a similar path.  So glad we were FINALLY able to meet in person! 
(sadly though, I didn't get a picture of the mamas)

Thank you, friends, for taking the time to stop by and say hi!         


Wolfes Home said...

It was such a treat to finally meet you all in person! Thanks for your wonderful southern hospitality. We all enjoyed our short visit immensely!

Janet and Kevin said...

Love it! Was wondering how your visit went. Wanted so badly to be there visiting with both of you!!