Tuesday, October 29, 2013

She's Eight!

The Birthday Girl!

AnnaClaire chose On the Border for her birthday lunch. We do love us some Mexican food in this family!  

And here's the usual "pose on the bench" after we had lunch. 

Back at home we snapped a few more photos (because that's what we do when Sissy's home!) before heading in to open presents and eat cake.

Everyone had a turn to pose with Sissy~ 

Love this one of my oldest and youngest daughters having some fun! 

And here's the birthday girl with her balloon!

Love this shot of Ellie that Emily took!

For her cake, AnnaClaire chose a banana cake recipe from the American Girl "Kit" book.

Happy Birthday, Dear AnnaClaire!

May all your wishes come true! 

1 comment:

Jean said...

Love seeing pics of your beautiful family!! Each and everyone of them are treasures!!
Happy Birthday AnnaClaire! Wow- 8 yrs old! You are such a beautiful girl!

She is the same age as our Ava and Melissa! Someday we have to get together- the children would have so much fun BUT not as much fun as the moms!