Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chenzhou sisters at Chickfila!

Happy girls!

Mia and AnnaClaire!

Two girls drinking their lemonade!

Friends jumping up and down!


I think I mentioned last week that Mom met a new friend at storytime. After talking, we were shocked to find out that sweet Mia is from Chenzhou, just like AnnaClaire... and she lives just 5 minutes away!! So anyway, today after storytime, we went to Chickfila. AnnaClaire was so excited to see Mia all morning! They both had so much fun reading about ladybugs at storytime. Then we headed to Chickfila! The girls were so cute drinking their lemonade together. Mia turned 2 in May, so she is a little less than 7 months younger than AC... what a height difference! You can really see it in the jumping picture. (They definitely love to JUMP, JUMP, JUMP!) Anyway, after lunch, AnnaClaire showed Mia how to go up the playset and down the slide! They both had so much fun! I love the picture of the girls waving out the window! It was a very fun day and we can't wait till next time, Mia!

I do have some more cute pictures from later today, but those will be for another day.


Robin said...

that is so cool that your mom finally found someone local to hang out with. :0) the girls look sweet!

Anonymous said...

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