Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

Well... this is it for awhile. I am bringing my computer (so I can upload pictures and skype and maybe even watch some movies on the plane!) However, I'm not sure about the internet connection, so don't expect any posts... just be pleasantly surprised if there is one :)

I know many people have wondered why I'm going to Romania... A group of 24 people from my Church are going. We will be running a camp there fro 8-18 years olds. There is a Church in Timisoara and the pastor is getting lots or Romanian kids to go. Some are orphans and some have parents sending them. They all have one thing in common... they need to know the Truth.

So in about an hour, I am heading to the airport. Our flight is in the evening and we fly straight to Munich. From there, we fly to Timisoara. We land on Saturday and we have a few days to settle in before camp starts (on Monday.) The camp runs Monday-Friday (there are two sessions. One this coming week and one the next week). We will spend the weekends in the city... next weekend in Arad and the following in Budapest (or maybe Bucharest. I've thought Budapest this whole time, but now I'm thinking it may be Bucharest... I guess we'll have to see!)

I covet any prayers and thank you in advance. I am so excited although I will definitely miss everyone back at home.

I will miss a few days while I'm gone. First of all, Miss Kate turns 16 months old on Sunday (7/6) and Monday (7/7) marks 2 years of blogging... you can read my very first post here. Also, the 7th marks two years since we were DTC. I will never forget going to Washington DC the day after the 4th and getting all of our stuff together really fast, making the Wednesday cut off, thus having our dossier sent on the 7th. We then got a SN info packet (we had been thinking about it, but this packet sealed the deal!) A few weeks later, we got AnnaClaire's referral. That was on July 25, but I'll be home then, so that's a post for another day. Oh and then the 13th marks one month of waiting for LOA. They say it should come between 1-3 months, so we will be in the timeframe, although we definitely aren't expecting it that soon.

I'll be home on the 21st so I'll be back to blogging shortly after! Have a very blessed 4th of July!


Lexie said...

Happy 4th! I am sure it will be your last with out BOTH of your Chinese BEAUTIES!

I will be praying for you these next two weeks. How exciting!

Btw...LOVE LOVE L.O.V.E the pigtails! TOOO CUTE!

Jana said...

Have a wonderful and safe journey!! Blessings to you as you share your faith.

Amy Jo said...

Praying sweet blessings upon you, Emily! I'm so excited to hear how your mission goes and see all of your pics. I've been praying for you and am sending love your way!

Robin said...

Emily, we'll be praying for you while you are on your trip. I know you'll have a wonderful time and will be so blessed by everything you encounter.

God Speed

Ashton said...

Happy belated 4th!!!! This time next year you should have 2 little girls to celebrate with!!! LOVVE the pix!

Lauren said...

Have an amazing and safe trip! I will be praying for you!

Holly said...

Have a wonderful trip! What an awesome experience this will be for you. AnnaClaire looks adorable as always! Hope you guys had a fabulous 4th. Can't wait to hear all about the trip when you get back!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I usually lurk here, but... we have that dress! You have a beautiful family. :)

Smiles ~ Tonggu Momma