Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My princess

One word: princess

AnnaClaire, Riley, and Ella. The twins are so good with AnnaClaire!

Anna banana and Summer!

Yesterday, we were pulling in the driveway (I was driving!) when AnnaClaire noticed our twin neighbors outside! She wanted to go say hi and ended up staying awhile while we all talked. She had so much fun! Ella and Riley have a Barbie jeep and AnnaClaire had so much fun riding around in it, while it was being "girl powered" by Ella and Riley! I had to laugh as they "drove past" with the twins pushing with all their might and there's AnnaClaire, smiling and waving like a little princess. She just cracks me up. Soon, Summer and Charles came over from next door and we just had all the kids from the street playing! Summer is only a week older than AnnaClaire. They are so cute together! Charles, Ella, and Riley (who are all in 1st grade) were so good with the little girls! AnnaClaire was not happy to go inside... she had so much fun!

On another note, Kate's website is up and running!! We had it done by our friends at Adoption Websites. Mom has chatted with Mrs. B ever since we received AC's referral! They set up AnnaClaire's website, too, and we just loved it. Kate's website turned out beautifully!! They even did a custom design for us! :) Go to to see it!

Oh and I just had to post this! We got this sweet little dress for Kate at Pottery Barn. I love the monogram... so sweet!


Hope for Lucy said...

What awesome news!! Katherine MeiLing will most definitely be a wonderful addition to your family, because she is a Jiangxi girl. So is our Lily Grace. You will probably stay in a city named Nanchang, the provincial capital. It's a small city, only 5 million or so! We added you to our new site for Lia Faith, but it's not quite ready yet.

God Bless You,
Green, Party of Five

Jen Barbee said...

Hello Horners-
Congratulations on your referral. Kate is beautiful. Would you share our blog info with Mia's mom. She and Lainie are about the same age and would be "Chenzhou Friends" as well.