Thursday, August 27, 2009

Five for Friday

For my photography class at school, we have to submit 5 pictures every Friday. (Maybe I'll post the ones I choose every week!) So, yesterday, I took the girlies outside and we had a little photo shoot. We even saw a bunny while we were out! They were both so cooperative and I got some really sweet pictures of both girlies! We then went on a little walk and they helped me find some pretty flowers to take pictures of. Lets just say picking just 5 was a little difficult... I'll post some more sweet ones later on :)


Jean said...

Beautiful pics!! Looking forward to seeing more of them!!

Jenn said...

Great pics!

KM was sitting in my lap when I opened up your blog and she immediately said, " remember? We ate (she said eat) with them!". Craziness this girl's memory.