Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another snow day~

It was perfect snowman building snow, so here is our snowman... doing hook 'em and everything :)
Kate liked making footprints in the deep, fluffy snow! For the first time in a few years, it actually covered ALL of the grass!
And AnnaClaire liked making snow angels, which she didn't get to do much of during out last snow (more of ice) day!
Once it had melted (if you're from the north, are you laughing? It started snowing last night, we had 4 inches, and it had all melted by the afternoon) we went to go get some paint supplies and started painting Charlie's room... a labor of love! AnnaClaire got in her painting clothes and got to use a mini roller we bought her... she loved helping paint!
The day ended with a family dinner (minus Will and our waiting sweeties) and Mom made us a delicious Valentines cookie cake for dessert!

It was definitely a fun day...


Kristi said...

Wasn't it fun to have a "packing snow" kind of day? We made a snowman too ~ and "Eric and his snowdog, Snowflake" are the only reminders that we had any snow at all...
Can't wait to see Charlie's room all done up!

Judi said...

We, in the north, WISH some of our snow would start to melt! We are also glad that we didn't get any more this weekend; we have ENOUGH!

The girls looked so cute in all the pics! They always do!