Sunday, February 28, 2010

Charlie's orphanage

Earlier this week, there was a sweet family in Chongqing adopting their little boy, who is from Charlie's orphanage. We were very hopeful that they would be able to see him, but sadly, they weren't allowed to see the younger kiddos. I was very excited about this picture though, as it is by far the best one I've seen of the orphanage. I love being able to see the infamous blue slide that all the Chongqing kids have pictures on :) My very favorite part of all, though, is the writing on the middle of the building... "Where there is love, there is hope." What a perfect saying to be on this place that is home to hundreds of orphaned children!

So crazy to know that our boy is there RIGHT NOW. Hoping that we will be seeing this place IN PERSON very soon!


Unknown said...

Great picture. It really is amazing to think he is in there somewhere. What a gift!

Jeanette said...

I didn't know Charlie and Evan were in the same orphanage!!!! Evan's family came and stayed with us last August on their way home from a family vacation! What a small small world!

Jean said...

It looks like a nice building! It is so amazing that your little bro was in there when that pic was taken! Too cool!

Is that town the province capitol? Will you be visiting there?