Sunday, March 21, 2010

Track Meet Fun

I had a track meet yesterday morning, and Dad brought AnnaClaire and Kate along to watch. A few minutes after they got there, we noticed Samantha and her brother, Adam (who is newly home from China!) were at the track meet to watch their older brother run! AnnaClaire was very excited to see them again and enjoyed having friends to play with as she cheered! Kate was content on Daddy's lap, which is why she isn't in the pictures. It was a very fun morning!

By the way... do you notice something? Short sleeves, maybe?!?!?! I could not be any happier to say goodbye to winter and pull out shorts, t shirts, and flip flops!!! Hopefully spring is here for good now!

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Jean said...

Track meets are so much fun!! our oldest did the hurdles and high jump!

Btw I was a conference high jumper... back in the day!!

I just have to say this- AnnaClaire is looking a little older and quite pretty! Kate of course is a little cutey!! I can hardly wait until Charlie is in the mix!!